Howdy’s Hot Seat: Gardenofstone10

Cap Howdy

Welcome back ghouls and ghoulettes, since a certain Xenogenic Xenomorph decided to drip acidic secretions from un-nameable orifices the Hot Seat has been away for repairs. It now has acid (and other nasty stuff) resistant seat covers. In honour of its return I decided to give myself a little gift and cranked the probulator up to 11. The bonus for you voyeuristic creeps, is that someone has to answer the questions and you get to read the answers. The lucky member who faces the horror of this special extended edition of the hot seat is Gardenofstone10. So while the spikey bits are as spikey as extra spikey spikes and the red hot tongs are glowing a lovely celebratory red, without further ado I bring you the ultimate probulation.

Let’s start with an easy one. What are your 3 favourite horror films and more importantly why are they your favourites?

I would have to say the original Halloween, The Thing and The Orphanage.  Halloween and The Thing were movies I grew up watching and admiring.  Especially when I started high school a decade or so ago, The Thing was the movie that got me through those boring study sessions.  My dad and I would always watch it because he thought the scene where the dog morphs is the coolest scene in movie history.  Halloween just started as a tradition between my mom and me.  She saw it in theaters when she was in her 20s and wanted me to go through the same experience (especially that I had babysitters who acted like the ones in the movie).  The Orphanage is a recent entry into my favorites but a powerful one.  Something about the eerie atmosphere of the whole movie just scares me and reminds me of an abandoned house I went to in my childhood to do the Bloody Mary techniques in.

What would you say is the biggest draw of horror? Why do you like horror films?

There are many aspects that draw me to horror films but the one that keeps me coming back is just the fun aspect.  Horror movies take the annoying people we all have in our lives, and kills them in ways that in real life is illegal, but on film is pure poetic justice.  I have a love for filmmaking and watching horror movies, the more I see, the more it becomes obvious that those filmmakers have fun.  The actors get to run around in blood and guts all day long and you know they’re doing it for fun.  The directors get panned by critics but you know they make the movies for fun.

What don’t you like about the horror genre? Don’t say nothing, there’s always something that bugs even the most rabid fan.

About the specific genre, I don’t have much to complain about.  I know everyone in it is doing a better job than I would.  However, I dislike the press that horror movies get.  Specifically, when something happens like a school shooting, the parents and press blame horror movies and video games.  It’s that kind of attitude that does nothing but hurt our beloved genre.  With decades of using horror as a scapegoat, the fans stick around.  That’s one of the things that keeps me coming back to horror are the fans.  We’ve seen it with Repo and Paranormal Activity, the fans make all the difference in whether a movie is seen or not.  Even now with A Serbian Film being banned every other place it’s viewed at; that keeps word of mouth alive and curious fans finding a copy to see.  Anything negative about horror can always be turned around into something more positive.

What keeps you sticking around this wonderfully insane website? Is it the people? The articles? The free beer and Cheetos that are always promised for tomorrow?

Moviemaven threatened my life if I didn’t stay on the website and post daily.  Even if she didn’t, this site is everything that the horror genre stands for.  The freedom of speech, acceptance from all over the world, understanding and of course, all things horror.  We’re just one big dysfunctional family that I couldn’t imagine not in my life.  Being on this site almost 3 years now, so many highlight of my life were followed by posting on this site.  The day I moved out of my parents house, put my dog to sleep, got my first tattoo and got married, I posted on this site to let everyone know immediately after.  They weren’t empty posts, either…people responded because the people care.  That will forever and always make me loyal to this site.  It’s become such a huge part of my life.

Every film fan has a movie that they like but nobody else seems to have heard of. What’s yours? Why should we try and find it?

I don’t think I could possibly name a movie no one’s seen, but my little known guilty pleasure film would be American Gothic.  The film has Yvonne DeCarlo aka Lily Munster in it and is just a stupid little slasher from the late 80s.  This group of late teens early 20 friends emergency land their plane on a deserted island and wander off in search of something.  What they find is a small house with bible thumpers Ma and Pa.  Pretty much everything is a sin to them and you can imagine how that ends for our group of friends.  I found it at a hole in the wall VHS rental only store in the middle of nowhere in my pretty state (Michigan).  Since watching it that once, I have never seen it at the store again and haven’t heard anyone talk about it.

I know we’re being inundated with remakes and we all have some complaints about them but if you could remake any  horror movie what would it be? Who would you cast in it, direct it ,etc ? Come on let us hear about your dream remake, you’d be in complete control. Would it be a shot for shot or a reboot?

Well, as we learned the hard way with Gun Van Sant’s Psycho remake, shot for shots do not work.  I find it insulting to the original director.  However, reboots can be awesome.  I would reboot The House by the Cemetery.  Lucio Fulci did an absolute fantastic job but I feel I could kick some ass on it.  I would bring in Guillermo Del Toro to helm the camera and help write it.  Dr. Freudstein would be played by Kane Hodder, Bob would be played by Bill Moseley and Lucy would be played by Elisha Cuthbert.  With the original path laid out by Fulci and Del Toro’s messed up mind, I think the movie would be a huge success and shine a light on a dying film category.

While we’re on the subject of remakes, which horror film do you think needs to be remade just because they got it wrong the first time? Why? Where did they go wrong?

The Town That Dreaded Sundown.  I understand the movie was based off of actual events and it was the mid 70s when they didn’t have not only the budget/means to make a high quality movie, they also didn’t have the references we do today.  However, with that in effect, it still was lacking a star power quality that it was set up to do.  When I think of an effective movie based on actual events, Zodiac comes to mind.  They made many Zodiac movies but it wasn’t until the one with Robert Downey Jr that they got it right to the point it was creepy and just a high quality movie.  I think The Town That Dreaded Sundown could be that movie.  Obviously, enough people paid attention to the movie because it inspired Jason Voorhees’ hood in Friday Part 2, but a remake could lead to more publicity for the original which I consider to be a forgotten movie.

Lets get to the good stuff. Your dark side. What’s your guilty secret horror movie? The one you know you shouldn’t like but just can’t help watching over and over again.

I have many guilty pleasure movies, but one I haven’t mentioned yet is Cabin Fever.  I know so many people who hate this movie but to me, it’s cinematic gold.  It’s a lot of fun and gross (which is also a lot of fun).  The leg shaving scene makes my skin crawl every time AND I LOVE IT!!!  I actually have a friend who won’t watch movies with me because I always suggest to watch Cabin Fever and make sure I get my way!

What’s the worst horror film you’ve ever seen? You can take this one how you will. Worst as in most horrific or worst as in just downright terrible.

Camp Utopia.  I got this one at another hole in the wall rental place and was hoping it would, at worst, be stupid fun.  I liked nothing about this movie.  The story was beyond unoriginal, the filming was less than amateur, the acting was subpar and the overall execution just sucked.  If I had a gun to my head forcing me to watch this movie, I’d let them pull the trigger because if I ever watched, I’d kill myself.

What got you into horror?

It was a mixture of fear and curiosity.  When I was really little, I was the brave one of my friends to peek through my hands covering my face during scary movies.  I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  Eventually, it turned into not scary and from there spawned into an undying love for all things horror.
What’s the first horror film you remember seeing, and how did it affect you?

I was about 3 or 4 and my uncle was babysitting me one night.  He wanted to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 on TV and I didn’t want to leave the room.  He put a blanket over my head, but one with holes in it.  I peeked through the holes and saw the whole movie and remember it vividly.  It was always something I wasn’t supposed to see and that made me want to see it more, naturally.

If forced to pick a favorite, who would be your number one horror actor?  Actress?  Director?  Writer?

I don’t have to be forced to say that John Carpenter is my favorite horror director.  Him, with the help of Debra Hill, brought us some of the most memorable horror movies of all time.  He truly is an artist and his work with the camera and direction of his actors is, even to this day, a rarity.  I am an avid reader so I could spend all day talking about the horror writers I love but the one that I would pick, being forced to, is Stephen King.  I read The Shining when I was 6 years old and the way that man wrote put the fear of God into me.  To this day, I actively read his books (working on Duma Key).  The movie adaptations of his writings are some memorable movies, including Stand By Me (my favorite non horror movie).  Favorite horror actor is without a doubt, Bill Moseley.  From his early roles like Chop Top all the way to his Repo! The Genetic Opera roles, he’s always a show stopper.  He could make a movie about Barney the Dinosaur taking a crap in the woods and it would be fantastic just because he’s in the movie.  My favorite actress is a tough one as not many women make multiple appearances in horror movies.  I’m going to go more mainstream on this one and say Jodi Foster.  Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs was a role that, to me, made her immortal.  This seemingly innocent girl with a troubled past and a horrible task at hand is a role that makes me want to direct movies more.

What role does your love of horror films play in your “real” life, if it plays one at all?

Of course horror plays a role in my real life, wouldn’t be a true fan if it didn’t.  I have the pleasure of working in retail.  It was in the middle of a retail store that Tobe Hooper came up with the idea of Texas Chain Saw Massacre by wondering how to get through this crowd of people…..CHAINSAWS.  I take the same approach.  I can’t stand a majority of the public.  Stupidity seems to be an epidemic lately and having horror movies to get out my frustrations is a good thing.  Of course, chainsaws won’t cut it for me.  I’d take the Martyrs approach and skin everyone!!!  Just kidding!  For the amount of horror movies I watch on a daily basis, I’m probably the quietest and nicest person you’d ever meet.

If you could have lunch with one horror figure, real or fictional, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Frankly, I’d be afraid to eat lunch with most of the horror figures I idolize as I have no interest in eating human flesh.  However, I would love to sit down and talk with Ed Gein.  Not Ed Gein from when he was arrested and died but if he were around now to see all he inspired.  Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, Texas Chain Saw Massacre are just a number of movies this ONE MAN gave inspiration to.  In the horror world, that’s heavy and I would honestly thank him.  Not to glorify what he did, but on what became of it.  I guess you could call it making the best of a bad situation.

As the music soundtrack is an important factor to a horror film what is your favourite soundtrack?

Anytime horror and music come to mind, Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Rocky Horror Picture Show stand out.  I won’t get into the gory details, but Rocky Horror is something I can sit down and watch with my wife and it’s oddly romantic.  Repo! The Genetic Opera came at a time in my life where I was really down.  I had just lost my job and was surely sinking into a depression.  This movie came out and just inspired me to get more involved with movies.  That whole movie is purely a work of love.  It was made because it had a cult following from the actual musical.  Plus, it was awesome!  The soundtrack has a great balance to it with classical opera songs to gothic industrial and all in between.

Whats the one movie you wish would get re-released in theaters ??

This question is a tough one because I was born in 1986.  Before I was born, horror had been thriving for a solid 10 years.  I would love to experience any one of those before my time.  Specifically, I would love to see The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  To be there with everyone fainting and throwing up would be awesome.  I’d be the guy sitting back and laughing.

What older horror movie did you recently find out about?

A few weeks ago, I was walking through my Best Buy Blu Ray section and saw a movie called Maniac.  The cover alone caught my interest as being a bloody film and with it being from 1980, the year of great slasher movies, I bought it.  It was so violent, the production value for this little film was amazing and everything about the movie was something special.  I compare it to the original My Bloody Valentine as being ahead of its time, slasher wise.  If you watched it right now, you’d think it was from at least the 90s.  Gotta love Tom Savini!!!

What favorite horror movie gets you the strange looks from friends and family ?

Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door.  I made both my siblings and both my parents watch it.  I told them it was the comedy version.  My mom didn’t talk to me for about two weeks.  Just that one scene with the blowtorch was enough to make my family not trust my word on any movies again!  It was priceless.  My dad still jokes about it to this day.

Favorite Horror Icon ?

Michael Myers.  There are many, many great candidates to be ultimate favorite but Michael Myers doesn’t have many gaps in why people love him and why I love him.  Unlike obvious other icons like Freddy or Jason, Michael isn’t supernatural.  He’s just some crazy kid who killed his sister and after tasting blood once, wanted more and more and more.  Add that unquenchable urge with a menacing and expressionless white mask, he sends chills down your spine.

Favorite 3 Scenes in horror ?

Oh gosh.  Well, first and foremost, Friday the 13th Part 7.  Stupid girl running from Jason thinks hiding in a sleeping bag will save her from our hockey friend.  Jason grabs the bag and beats it on a tree, killing the genius girl.  That’ll stick with me forever.  Another scene I like is Grandpa feeding time from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  Just how back and forth the scene was with the hammer, and waiting for the hammer to fall was enough to make it memorable.  That family was messed up and that sole scene was enough to change the landscape of horror movies for generations to come.  Lastly, I love the scene in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers where Jamie is standing by her bed and Michael grabs her from underneath.  Seeing that movie when I was about 10 was enough to, for at least 6 years after, jump into and out of my bed at night.  Even now that I’m married and sleep with a huge sword next to my bed, I still don’t spend much time with the ankles exposed.

How do people react when you say you’re a horror fan?

Usually, they don’t mind.  I get some people who roll their eyes but when they look at me (covered in tattoos of things you’d see in a horror movie) they think it’s perfect.  I’d like to think no one holds loving horror against me, but I’m sure some old people do.  When the zombie outbreak happens, I’ll be the one they turn to!

What is one particular subgenre that you dislike and why?

I am not really a fan of stupid horror movies.  Every subgenre has them but the one that comes to mind first is supernatural.  Lately, you have so many movies with ghost children or angry fetus children and they just lack imagination and skill.  The Unborn (albeit a remake) is one that strikes my mind first.  More specific titles do not come to mind right now but I know that if I walked up and down my video store, I could pull a handful just off the new release wall alone.

And finally, before I unlock the shackles and turn off the mind probe, one last question.

Who do you want to see in the hot seat next? You pick the next victim, errm interviewee.

I think that the next victim should be The Creature!!!!

Thanks for for sacrificing yourself upon the altar of knowlege, have a celebratory cookie, it might not be poisoned. Watch your inboxes people, next time it could be you.


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