Its The End Of The World.. Fight Like A Girl


Fight Like & GirlFrom Daniel comes the poster artwork and some chuckles for a new indie production called ‘Fight Like A girl’. The film they are billing as a zombie, action, wrestling film and really can you go wrong with wrestling, zombies and a hot female leader? I think not my friends.

The premise alone for this indie project has me grinning like a fool and thinking Stink of Flesh.

Women wrestlers. Zombies. A token midget… Seriously just how much more do you need to know?

More as we get it but if the movie is half as funny as the premise we will have a winner on our hands. The film stars Jenna Dwyer, Ross Ditcham, Josh Futcher, Elke Osadnik, Mick Preston & Sarah Howett and is directed by Danny Armstrong.

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      1. Anonymous March 24, 2011 at 7:57 pm

        i love cornball indie concepts.