Real Life: Poltergeist Caught on Film

Chris Savage

Perhaps we have a real life Paranormal Activity or maybe just a hoax either why I think its pretty cool. According to the Daily Mail a family from the UK in Holbrooks, Coventry have fled their home numerous times due to strange occurrences happening within.

Apparently post and pans have been thrown around including blinds shaking and draws opening. The most horrific is the death of their family dog last year, which sustained injuries as if something had pushed the dog down the stairs.

The family set up a video camera in one of their rooms which reveals a chair sliding across the floor. Check it out and judge for yourself.

Derek Acorah the former star of the UK ghost-hunting show Most Haunted, visited the house and has described the ghost as “Jim, a ‘very, very angry man’ who had died in around 1900 but never passed into the spirit world.” So real or hoax?

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      1. Jsin March 31, 2011 at 2:13 pm

        I’m calling bullshit on this video. The main thing that you should notice right away is the fact that
        the bottom of both the door and chair can not be seen, easily allowing someone to gimmick them
        using wire. Pat attention to the closet door, it’s already open. All you have to do is attach a wire
        to the bottom and pull it off camera. Wooooh spooky. Now it would be a little harder to disprove if
        the door was actually shut and latched, then opened, but again, that can be explained as well.
        The chair also moves without any real direction. If a ghost is pushing the chair, why would it push
        it into that mess, or bed or whatever is on the right side there? It’s an uncontrolled movement made
        by a wire or string being pulled by someone off camera. Listen to the audio too. You can clearly
        hear someone dropping something hard, like a marble, they clear their throat, then at about the
        same time the chair starts to move, you hear another sound. This sound matches the length of
        the sound the chair makes when it’s sliding across the floor, but this sound is off camera and
        almost sounds like someone is wearing a heavy winter coat, the kind that makes a rustling noise
        when you move.
        This is the exact same kind of trickery they use on “Ghost Hunters”. Funny how there are tons
        of camera men around, but nothing is ever caught isn’t it?

        A final thought, if it were real and you were sitting there trying to film poltergeist activity, and you
        actually caught it on video, wouldn’t you at least be a little excited or perhaps frightened? I mean
        wouldn’t you at least say SOMETHING?