Matt Reeves Doing They Live Remake


You know what we need? We really need the Hollywood machine to make us more remakes. If there is one thing that pisses me off more and more is Hollywood’s need to give their money to talented young up and coming directors, rather then remaking classics. Oh sh*t wait a minute that is the complete opposite of what is happening…. my bad.

Now that my clearly sarcastic feelings are known lets take a minute and talk about yet another remake that is in the works. Deadline is reporting that Matt Reeves who directed Cloverfield and the remake of Let the Right One In is once again heading back to remake land. He will be remaking the ultimate cheesefest John Carpenters They Live.

Matt Reeves will both write and direct the project for Strike Entertainment and Universal Pictures. The original film is b-movie scifi magic and tells the story of a man who finds a set of glasses which reveal that the whole world is taken over by aliens. Matt Reeves really feels he can make the movie his own and even uses the words ‘romance’ in it. He tells Deadline quote;

“I saw an opportunity to do a movie that was very point-of-view driven, a psychological science fiction thriller that explores this guy’s nightmare,” Reeves told me. “There could be a desperate love story at the center of this. Carpenter took a satirical view of the material and the larger political implication that we’re being controlled. I am very drawn to the emotional side, the nightmare experience with the paranoia of Invasion of the Body Snatchersor a Roman Polanski-style film.”

No word on whether the 15minute alley fight over the sunglasses will be ripped off as well. I would assume that Roddy Roddy Piper will not be returning but hopefully like with the Nightmare on Elm Street remake they will base the casting entirely on the new lead looking like the old lead. What are your thoughts? I am actually a fan of Matt Reeves Let Me In Remake its one of the better hollywood remakes but just don’t get the need to even try and remake They Live. The original film that John Carpenter directed was based off Ray Nelson’s short story 8 O’Clock in the Morning. Checkout the trailer below.



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      1. Suspiria_89 April 12, 2011 at 2:50 am

        This is great news………..Not.

      2. Yolt13 April 12, 2011 at 4:50 am

        Oh, give it a rest. Remakes are nearly as old as the film industry itself, and frankly I’ve had it up to my ass with angry fanboys who’ve never made a movie in their lives telling the people who do it for a living the right and wrong way to keep the film industry running in a crippled economy. Some of the finest films ever made have been remakes, from the Universal horror classics to THE MALTESE FALCON to Hammer horrors to THE TEN COMMANDMENTS to SCARFACE to THE THING to LORD OF THE RINGS, etc., etc, et. al. The ignorant assertion that because a lot of remakes fail to improve upon the originals Hollywood should simply stop remaking movies altogether makes no business or artistic sense whatsoever. By that twisted logic, Hollywood should quit making genre films, since 8 out of every 10 genre films released is just okay at best. And the notion that just singling out a talented young director and giving him/her carte blanche to make whatever movie they want, regardless of commercial viability, is the right way to run a studio has been proven wrong time and time again throughout film history. Ask the folks who ran United Artists into the ground by letting Michael Cimino piss away a fortune on HEAVEN’S GATE about the wisdom of blindly trusting the hot young auteur with an “original” idea. Ask the unemployed execs who greenlit WATERWORLD and THE POSTMAN on the strength of DANCES WITH WOLVES about investing in perceived talent over proven properties. Ask the Weinstein Brothers, MGM, and dozens of other studios that have nearly gone under gambling on untested properties and flavor-of-the-month directors, only to pull their fat out of the fire by falling back on their guaranteed moneymakers. Ask Legendary Pictures how happy they are with the returns for SUCKER PUNCH, and how much they’re banking on remake/reboots like SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL and GODZILLA to recoup their losses on that bold but ultimately failed experiment.

        In this day and age, talented young filmmakers have more opportunities to realize their original visions on the screen than ever before. The fact that Hollywood proper invests most of its resources rehashing the same old properties in no way prevents truly gifted and passionate auteurs from getting their movies made or making them available for the masses to see. At no point in movie history has the technology to make quality films been more affordable or accessible to independent moviemakers, nor have the venues for distributing their films to a worldwide audience been so numerous. To advocate Hollywood abandoning the proven and long-established practice of remaking films (a practice based both on the sound strategy of giving the consumer the products they want, and the age old human narrative tradition of passing effective and compelling stories on to successive generations) in favor of placing the entire industry’s fortunes in the hands of unproven talent with unproven ideas is to ignore both the history and the economic realities of the motion picture business. I’m not saying remaking THEY LIVE is a great idea. I am, however, saying that it isn’t necessarily a bad idea just because it’s a remake. Hopefully someday, the fanboys of the world will grow up and get that through their thick heads.

        • HorrorMovies April 12, 2011 at 3:20 pm

          Yolt good comments with points I think everyone can agree with.

      3. Jeremy Robert Plante April 12, 2011 at 5:43 pm

        I agree somewhat with Yolt. My point is that if Matt Reeves is basing this film on the short story 8 O’Clock in the Morning then it isn’t really a remake of “They Live”. To say that would be to equate EVERY vampire movie every made as a remake of Bram Stoker’s story Dracula. Every Werewolf movie is not a “remake” of “The Wolfman’. Reeves is using source material to create a cinematic envisioning of those words on a page. The same source can provide multiple stories or interpretations. You need no example other than The Bible. One Book – hundreds of belief systems and religious interpretations. Let us see what he does with the story before we unanimously stamp REMAKE on it OK?

      4. Jczarowitz September 19, 2011 at 4:36 pm

        I will be ok with this as long as they leave the ‘Kick ass and chew bubblegum’ line in. Best line in the entire movie IMO.

      5. Anonymous November 17, 2011 at 5:21 pm

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