Two Awesome Posters for The House on the Edge of the Park II

Chris Savage

We announced not so long ago that Ruggero Deodato would be making a sequel to his infamous 1980’s film The House on the Edge of the Park. Now there was some skepticism whether the film would actually happen. Anyone remember the proposed Cannibal Holocaust II?

Well this one seems like it is moving forward rather nicely and with very much thanks to the guys over at Dreadcentral we have two truly awesome teaser posers for the upcoming sequel along with a synopsis.

The sequel is said to be written by Andrew Jones from a story which was wrote by both Ruggero Deodato and Giovanni Lombardo Radice. Also radice will be reprising his role as “Ricky” in the sequel. Filming is said to take place in the UK and USA later this year.

Synopsis: “After thirty years at the mercy of a brutal Warden in Sing Sing prison, Ricky is released and returns to the old garage in New York City. Desperate for a place to belong, he falls in with a dangerous sociopath named The Poet and his blood thirsty girlfriend Muriel. But the memories of Ricky’s old friend Alex continue to haunt him.”

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      1. Googoppy April 12, 2011 at 2:05 am

        Its been a while since Deodato has made a film, good to see him returning. Plus Giovanni back to act and write with him, can’t go too wrong with that, lookin’ forward to it!