HM Virtual Movie Night- May 7, 2011


Hello everyone! Well, we had our 2nd (apparently I was not a member when the first one occurred) HM Virtual Movie Night on May 7, 2011.  By all accounts relayed to me, everyone had fun, and no one complained (that I know of), so I will say it was a success.  Most of us showed up between 9:30 and 10, with two stragglers that came in by 10:05, so we started a tad late.  I actually did a verbal 10… 9… 8… countdown so everyone was synchronized.  It worked with in about 5 seconds or so for everyone.

The list of who attended:

  • aceofspadesa
  • askani-son
  • azathoth
  • doc notter
  • floridapossum
  • ghostseeker
  • loudlon
  • she said?
  • Vampy

Ace was wasgreat in providing all kinds of insight as to why he did what he did.  A lot of it had to do with time constraints and arguing with his cameraman (who owned the camera, so that was a bit of an additional problem).  A few people, not to be named, wanted to know why there was no nudity; the answer- the girls freaked out about the prospect.  A Gun Town 2 is in the works to resolve some of the open-ended questions from the first GT.
Askani, Doc, GhostSeeker. & she_said? were pretty quiet, but with a few good, key insights at times.

FloridaPossum was very verbal all the way through.  Great gal. Lon asked some good question, and had some nice insights.  Also made lots of bad jokes. Vampy make her inaugural appearance to HM members.  I forget who, but some apologized to her for being married to me.  She thought that was funny.  She didn’t say much at all, but she did hang in for the entire movie. And me?  Well, I did my usual stuff.  I asked Ace a bunch of question, made smart alecky remarks, and did some MC’ing.

The movie commenting had highs and lows with the comments.  Since half of the people had to type their comments in, there was some lag in the conversation.  Those who typed were a bit frustrated since the Text-To-Voice was so slow.  Surprisingly, there was not many problems with the voice users talking over each other. As I said above, there was a good discussion of the technical aspects of the film.  I believe Ace’s best line was, “I had no idea what I was doing here at the time.”  He made a point of saying that the actors were all first timers, and took the blame onto his shoulders, which I feel is a bit unfair to Ace.  I felt he (mostly) got the best that he could out of them.

There was some MST3K banter going on, but nothing too harsh.  We all knew this was Ace’s first movie, and several of us remarked that GT was better than a LOT of other DTV films.  I was surprised that the film was not recorded on film; the DV camera was that good.
All in all, it was a fun time.  We HM members got to talk/type and discuss a movie in real time.  The only annoying member of the group was Monster, FloridaPossum’s hamster who kept barking at us.  (Yes, a hamster was barking at us.)  Hopefully, Possum will give him a lion carcass to chew on next time.

After the film, we discussed having a 3rd HM Virtual Movie Night (henceforth, HMVMN).
Here are some of the choices tossed out for the next movie:

  • Tourist Trap
  • Re-Animator
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Sentinel ’77
  • Sorority Babes in the Slime-Bowl-a-Rama
  • Fortress (not the sci-fi one with Chris Lambert)
  • Halloween
  • Night Flyer (Stephen King adaption)
  • Dead Set

As for the next VMN, we are going to try Skype, on FloridaPossum’s suggestion.  We’re also going to do it at 5PM US Eastern time so our British friends can join in.  As a side note, LoudLon wants to here Wolfy say “bollocks.”  I didn’t bother asking why.
It will be probably 2-3 weeks until the next movie night.  It will give everyone a chance to figure out Skype, and time to pick a movie.

There was a nifty ‘after party’ where a bunch of us hung out for another 2 hours.
Also, I recorded the whole thing, including the ‘after party,’ which got a bit ‘blue’ at times.  The ‘casts will be posted somewhere soon, so those who missed the event can relive the excitement (ha1).  On the good side, the ‘casts will be scrubbed of the silent sections, so it will go faster.  Downside, if you try to watch the movie while listening, you’ll get off-synced.

Finally, I’d like to thank Ace for allowing us to use his movie, and dropping the prices so more could attend.  Also, thanks for everyone that did show up, it was nice to see people were actually interested in my crazy scheme.
I will post a thread soon asking for opinions on which movie we should do next.  My thought is something older that most of HM’s members have seen, to generated a little more chatter than this time.  Several of the people were watching Gun Town for the first time, so it was tough to intrude and speak over the movie.  No matter which movie we decide on, and yes it will depend on you, I hope to have another great Movie Night in a few weeks!


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      1. danofdarkness May 11, 2011 at 11:31 pm

        this sounds awesome. i have to stay in touch for the next one

      2. floridapossum May 12, 2011 at 9:37 am

        Oh look MT, your review is up!