Singapore Does True Horror in: 23:59 Hrs


Production is set to begin on a new Singapore horror film titled: 23:59 hrs and is scheduled to be released sometime (probably) in late 2011.  Below is the synopsis, and it does sound interesting.  I will definitely try to keep an eye out on this film – so more to follow.

Synopsis: There is a legend in the army camp that at the exact hour of 23:59 hours, a woman dressed in white will enter the bunk house. She will pick out a soldier and stand beside his bed, waiting for him to open his eyes. When he does so and stares into her hollow eyes, she will drag him away, bringing him back with her into hell.

In 1983, an incident happened in Singapore that shocked the entire nation. A recruit was found dead during a road march and all his internal organs were ripped out of his body and laid beside it. After the death of the recruit, strange things started to happen in the bunk, leading to speculation that the woman in white was responsible. A third door, on recommendation of a medium, was built in the bunk room for the spirit to leave. After the third door is built, life seems to return to normal until one night when another recruit dies in a bizarre fashion at the medical center.

The new death throws the camp in turmoil as the officer and recruits face a race against time to find out the truth.

via: AsianMoviePulse.com


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