Bite Marks Trailer & Photos

Chris Savage

Mark Bessenger’s little upcoming indie vampire flick Bite Marks, looks like it’s going to be a fun ride. I’m just curious if Bite Marks throw’s a few little homage’s to the original 1985 film Fright Night as the truck driver in the film goes by the name of Brewster and Stephen Geoffreys stars as a vampire with that same¬†quirkiness he had in Fright Night.

Maybe it’s all just a coincidence ¬†but either way I think it looks fun and in the mean time we have a couple of images and details from the film courtesy of DreadCentral. Also check out the full length trailer below.

Bite Marks is directed by Mark Bessenger and stars Windham Beacham, Stephen Geoffreys, and John Wersk.

Synopsis: “Truck driver Brewster takes over his missing brother’s delivery of a load of coffins to a funeral home. He picks up hitchhiking gay couple Cary and Vogel, whose relationship is in trouble, to help him stay awake; but when his GPS leads them into a deserted junkyard, his truck breaks down, stranding them. Night falls, and the coffins reveal bloodthirsty vampires. Now the mismatched trio must barricade themselves in the cab of the truck and try to survive until dawn.”



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      1. Ron Nocella June 2, 2011 at 11:38 pm

        This looks fucking awesome!

      2. Mnewberry02 June 3, 2011 at 4:40 am

        This might be good.