Trailer For Controversial Film, The Woman

Chris Savage

Lucky McKee’s The Woman has caused quite a lot of controversy already from just playing at certain festivals such as the Sundance Festival. The film is said to be disturbing disgusting and horrific, so certainly not for the easily offended.

The film even caused one audience member at this years Sundance to announce that, The Woman should be burned and never seen again. Anyway, we have the brand new trailer which asks, “What would you do if you found a wild woman?”. I’d probably run… for my life. Women scare me at the best of times. :)

The Woman has also recently been picked up by Bloody-Disgusting selects for future release in the States. In the meantime, Monster Pictures will release the film in Australia in it’s full uncut form. Also we have a video of one guy who wasn’t happy about The Woman at Sundance, so why watch it all? Check it out below.

Synopsis: Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers, Deadwood) is a small town court officer living a quiet, seemingly normal life in the heart of Maine with his beloved family. That is, until Chris discovers a feral woman roaming the woods and makes it the family’s project to civilise her. But as the family’s methods of forcing civility upon the woman become ever more extreme, the perverse bonds uniting them will be cast into violent relief.



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      1. chubungie July 29, 2011 at 9:56 pm

        Angela Bettis is my favorite genre actress of all time!