Visit The Munster Mansion This October

Chris Savage

Who doesn’t want to visit The Munster Mansion? I would jump at the opportunity if I could, unfortunately its a bit of a swim for me. But, for those of you in the States, boy, are you in for a treat.

First things first, thanks to DreadCentral for the heads up and this isn’t the original Munster house, rather an almost exact replica of the original house which is located in Dallas, Texas. This replica is sounding mighty badass, everything has been carefully crafted to ensure an almost perfect replica. It even features a lifting staircase, how cool is that?

The house is only open for public tours like this once a year, just before Halloween to raise money for charity. The event has been announced to run from October 21st to the 22nd from 7pm until midnight.

Unfortunately, because this is a private residence, the address isn’t readily available but it is located about half an hour south of Dallas, Texas. To get the free shuttle to and from the mansion, make your way over to 7th Grade, 2401 Brown St, Waxahachie. You can also email munstermansion02@aol.com for any information you may require.

The event sounds badass, check out the info flyer below for ticket pricing and what to expect.

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      1. angusmac August 23, 2011 at 6:11 pm

        Thats so cool!
        I wish I lived in Texas.