Interview: The Cast & Crew Of Beware

Chris Savage

There is one upcoming slasher film that has me intrigued and that one is, Jason Daly’s indie slasher Beware. The film appears to be a solid throwback to slashers of yesteryear and in the meantime, creating a new villain.

With the film hitting DVD this October 18th through Maya Entertainment, I was given the chance to ask the some of the cast & crew a few questions so check out below what they said.

First up, I was able to ask, Lorena King who plays “Nella” in the film a few questions;

Horror-Movies.ca: I’m only going on what IMDB has stated so please forgive me if I’m wrong, I believe Beware is your feature film debut?

Lorena King: “You’re right, Beware was my feature film debut and that was good and bad at the same time.  Good because working on Beware was an amazing experience and I was able to work with great people and learned from everyone…bad because the bar was set pretty high.  The Beware set was soooo much fun, cast and crew got along, we were like a little family J awww… you’re making me miss everyone!”

HM: What brought you to Beware ?

LK: “I was told the night before my Beware casting that it was an indie horror film and needed to speak Spanish.  I fit the age range so I was submitted for it and told I had to have a monologue.  I almost didn’t go because I didn’t have a memorized monologue, but I figured I’ll read and we’ll see what happens.  

After I didn’t hear anything for months I thought what happened was I didn’t get the role.  Then one night, months after and way after the approximate filming time frame they gave us at the casting I get a phone call from Jason Daly.  I was trying to be so professional on the phone while jumping and making silent screaming faces when he said they wanted to offer me the starring role.”

HM: What Can You Tell Us About Nella?

LK: “Nella is a very strong and happy girl.  She has values and is mature beyond her years. When Beware takes place, Nella is going through a tough time because she doesn’t want to lose her boyfriend Diego, who is moving to Europe to play soccer and is struggling to make his last weekend at home a good one.  

Nella also has a very special bond with her brother Marco, their mother died when they were young and she had to step up and play mom for Marco.  She loves her best friend Christina, they’ve been best friends since they were kids and continue to be close although they are very different.  Nella is the type of person who would do anything and everything for the people she loves.”

HM: What’s Your Favourite Horror Movie?

LK: “My favorite horror movie is BEWARE but my second favorite is actually the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  For the longest time I would have nightmares about Freddy Krueger.  I am a huge believer that you have to FEEL the movie and for me the best horror movie is one that scares me the most.  I also like Texas Chainsaw massacre, but maybe it’s the fact that I was older and it didn’t scare me the way Freddy did.”

I was also able to ask Edward Mandera who plays “Shane” a few questions;

HM: What Brought You To The Character of Shane?

Ed Mandera: “The character of Shane was a result of an intense investigation that I conducted over his emotional state of being and what motivated him. I constantly asked myself the ‘Why’… Based on his childhood experiences that caused his psychological trauma.

I payed extra close attention to the scenes where Shane found himself in danger. Within this killer, even through his darkness and loneliness, I discovered a very vulnerable child.”

HM: Has Horror Films Always Played A Part In Your Life?

EM: “I think horror films play a big part in our lives because through them exist the psychological problems, emotional & familiar issues in which we constantly face in humanity today. We can find in them the same problems and traumatic experiences that children begin to suffer from at an early age and in which converts them into anti social individuals that are willing to kill.”

HM: Is This Your First Horror Movie?

EM: “Yes this is my first horror movie”

HM: Edward, you have done a killer job at portraying a mad-man. Shane looks like a brooding power house. How was it under that costume?

EM: “It was a bit difficult. But also a lot of fun. It was a lot of preparation and hours of work applying the makeup. Shane had the chains that had grown into his skin on his wrists. The clothing he was wearing when they found him in the woods was wet and full of blood. The entire makeup crew & production team were heavily involved in the process and they payed attention to every detail.”

HM: What Is Your Favourite Horror Movie?

EM: “The Exorcist”

Then I also got the chance to ask the director, Jason Daly and his writing partner, Shawn Copenhaver a few questions;

HM: With your latest film, Beware, where did the character “Shane” come from? Is he based on an actual urban legend or is this just a guy you have crafted?

Jason Daly: Just a guy I crafted based on an old ghost story my brother Joe told me about, a man who had a chain attached to his leg and you could hear the chain dragging when he was coming for you. The idea just grew from there. I’ve always thought of SHANE like an abused dog.”

 HM: Judging by the trailers I have seen thus far for Beware. I felt like I was watching a film from the eighties, did that slasher movement of the eighties play a big part in Beware?

JD: “Definitely, Shawn and I both grew up on those movies so there definitely is an influence from all of those early slashers. Because of that what we wanted to do was make a movie in the same fashion as this movies and not make a parody of them.”

HM: I’m From England, so I’m sure similar folks outside of the U.S. can’t wait to witness Beware also, any news on International distribution deals? 

JD: Not sure yet but well let you know as soon as we know.”

 HM: Has Beware got some juicy practical effects on display? Without revealing any import plot details, will we witness some awesome bloody kills in Beware?

JD: I like to think there’s a little bit of everything in this movie. You gotta see it to find out

HM: Who performed the stunts for “Shane”? As in one scene we see Shane engulfed in fire which looks awesome, was that scene hard to film?

JD: My long time friend and stuntman Christopher Hadley was stunt coordinator on the film. He works for Grady Bishops-Extreme Stunt team out of Orlando. He’s the man behind the fire and other stunts in the film. Working with Chris is the best we have a great friendship and working relationship and he gets the job done and he gets it done safely.”

HM: What’s Your Favourite Horror Film?

JD: Exorcist and Halloween is close second.”

 Shawn Copenhaver: Halloween,Nightmare on Elm Street, And Friday The 13th Part 2 when we finally meet Jason.”

 HM: I love the Beware poster, who created that one?

JD: “I came up with the concept (for classic Beware Poster) and Shawn who is a Photoshop wizard created what you see.”

 HM: How was filming Beware? Was there any jokes being played on set, any stand out moments?

JD: “It was a very light set and everyone got a long so im sure there were many jokes being played but overall what stands out is how much I enjoyed working with the people involved.”

 HM: Jason and Shawn, have you guys ever thought of creating a sequel or even a prequel to Beware?

JD: There are plenty of ideas brewing in our heads we will just have to see if the fans ask for it, and I hope they do!”

 HM: What was the inspiration for Beware? I can totally sense a Friday the 13th feel with the movie.

JD: Hell Yeah, The inspiration comes from loving all those types of movies.”  

 HM: What Does The Future Hold For You Guys (Jason &  Shawn), Any Horror Films Planned For The Future?

 JD: “We have a couple of different options for our next film and are just waiting to see what direction we are lead to next. But I promise what ever we do we are gonna put our hearts into it to make the best movie possible.” 

Everyone has been so gracious so I would like to send a huge shout out to the entire cast and crew for letting me ask a few questions and I hope to be able to return once we have witnessed Beware. Also we have been given a brand new trailer for the upcoming film which you can view below, if interested please head on over to their official website and pre-order yourself a copy of Beware, it looks like it is going to be awesome.



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