Piranha 3DD Goes Straight To DVD In The UK

Chris Savage

John Gulager’s follow-up to Piranha 3D has unfortunately hit a few snags along the way, mainly ones involving its eventual release. Unfortunately last year we heard that the film would be released in the States “Sometime in 2012”, doesn’t sound very promising and now the UK has had a snag of their own.

According to the British Video Association, Piranha 3DD was at one stage going to be shown in cinemas across the UK, but the site states that the film has been pulled from a cinematic run and will instead head straight to DVD. So will the U.S. follow suit?

Even though its heading straight to DVD  it isn’t all that bad as we have the UK release date, and that one is March 19, 2012. No word as to whether the film will be available in 3D on home video.

The film stars Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker, Gary Busey, Chris Zylka, Chelan Simmons, David Koechner, David Hasselhoff and Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

” Horror sequel in which a species of violent prehistoric piranha continue to terrify a small town. The chaos unleashed in ‘Piranha’ (2010) by a group of the omnivorous fish, set free by an earthquake that split the floor of a lake, may only have been the beginning. The tests of marine biologist Carl Goodman (Christopher Lloyd) indicate that these fish were only adolescents, suggesting their parents would be even fiercer adversaries. When the piranha make their way into the town’s plumbing system, the terror spreads. Soon swimming pools and even the town’s brand new waterpark are infested by the bloodthirsty critters. Can the town’s residents, marshalled by survivor of the first movie Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames), find a way to combat their sharp-teethed tormentors?”


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      1. Daniel Peterson January 1, 2012 at 1:59 am

        If a movie that was set to be in theaters only to be pulled and sent straight to dvd. That’s got to tell you it sucks and with the shitty trailer we got after the november release date. Was pulled I can see why the UK went straight to dvd. This explains why the film was barely talked about and why we just got a few behind the scene photos. I’m willing to the the US will have this sequel go straight to dvd as well.