15 Horror Facts You Do Not Know!


Not much intro required here. Sharing 15 really cool horror facts that you do not know… and if you did know then you are the definition of a die hard horror fan!


 John Carpenter won an Academy Award for The Resurrection of Broncho Billy (1970), a live action short film he made as a school project while attending USC Cinema.


 George Romero used to work for PBS’ Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and received the highest praise about his intended career choices by Mr. Rogers himself!


 Wes Craven holds a Masters Degree in Philosophy and Writing from Johns Hopkins University. He was an English teacher before his rendevous with Freddy Krueger.


 Eli Roth’s first Hollywood job was as an extra on The Practice. His second Hollywood job was as an extra on The Practice.


 Robert Rodriguez is the father of 5 children. He’s also a rabbit.


 Tom Savini attended Carnegie Mellon with George Romero, where the two worked on many films together, starting with Dawn of the Dead.


 Tod Browning traveled with circuses as The Living Corpse, performing a live burial act. He later joined Barnum and Bailey as a clown.


 Joe Dante directed the third segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie. You know, the one where the lady gets “adopted” by the omnipotent child? (Only 2nd best to John Lithgow on the airplane)


 Roger Corman fought in WWII, while in the Navy, before opening up his exploitation film sweat shop in the Philippines in the 70’s.


 Guillermo Del Toro co-authors a series of books called The Strain, a story about vampires in NYC. Who’s the other author? Chuck Hogan, author of The Town.


 Sam Raimi never finished college. He left to film one of the greatest horror movies, ever: Evil Dead.


 Tobe Hooper lobbied for a MPAA “PG” rating for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – thought it only fair since the film had no sex scenes. As we all know, he did not get his way.


 Stephen King’s son Joe King [Hill] played the character “Billy” in the epilogue and prologue segments of 1982’s Creepshow. King’s daughter, Naomi, is an ordained minister.


Rob Zombie is from Haverhill, MA. That. Explains. Everything.


I share a birthday with Dario Argento.


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