Choose (2011) Review

Lola Savage

I’ve become very confident in IFC and its ability to give me movies both unique and talented. But I don’t hold it against them that not everything’s a gem. Choose is a 2011 film directed by Marcus Graves about a man who uses the consequences of choice to torment unsuspecting victims.

Don’t get too excited. Unlike the gruesome and horrifying tale the vague synopsis promises, Choose is a thriller / suspense (and that’s being generous) film, angled around young Fiona (Katheryn Winnick), a college student and aspiring journalist who has just moved out on her own. Her father, Sheriff Tom Wagner (played by Kevin Pollak), happens to be investigating the town’s recent acts of malicious violence on seemingly unrelated victims. Fiona becomes entangled in the monster’s devilish game, causing her to discover a secret she won’t soon forget.

Normally I wouldn’t persecute a movie for being somewhat cliché considering how difficult it is to create anything entirely original, but this piece is particularly bad about its lack of individuality. The concept itself had great promise but alas the execution was severely deficient. There was nothing compelling about the attacks depicted which is very disappointing. It would have been a total bomb if not for the adequate “reveal” in the conclusion of the film as well as passable cinematography.

Savage score is a dilapidated 2 out of 5. If you’re a tried and true horror fan, don’t bother. Even for those of you who drink a milder cup of blood, this was a waste of tape. The 4 out of 10 gore score barely stained the carpet. Choose another movie than this one.


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