Overtime Can Be Killer!

Chris Savage

We all do it. We all work our fingers to the bone just trying to make a living. But sometimes, working overtime can be freaking killer, especially when you get locked in a lab with zombie-aliens! Never happened to you? Well check out what happened to these two hitmen in Matt Niehoff’s Overtime.

Fans of pro-wrestling will instantly recognize the name Al Snow, and he makes a starring role in Overtime as Ralph. I’m sure if you loved his antics in the ring, you’re gonna love them in this action-comedy-horror film.

Check out the full trailer below thanks to Undead Backbrain’s heads-up.

The film also stars John Wells, Katie Stanley, Sebrina Siegel, Cristina Mullins, Rita Hight, Erica Goldsmith, James Tackett, Caleb Butcher, Ant’juan Avri , Taylor Lee, Ben Wood & Ben Seal.

Synopsis: “Raph and Max only kill bad guys, and only after their boss Sam, a high-powered attorney, has cashed a nice paycheck for getting her sleazy clients off the hook. When Sam sends our heroes on a routine hit, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy they never imagined. But whatever trouble they’ve gotten themselves into is nothing compared to the wrath of Raph’s wife if he doesn’t make it home in time for his son’s birthday party. Being a good hitman is tough; being a good dad is killer!”

At this time, the film is currently playing at film festivals and they are weighing out distribution deals, but if you like what you see, head on over to their website below and sign the form.

For more information check out their official website & Facebook page.


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