Zombies Have a Hero – Meet Dave of the Dead

Chris Savage

You’ve got to feel sorry for zombies. No one speaks up for them, they are deemed as brain munching demons from hell, when all they are trying to do is make a living and be a part of society. Instead, they get maimed, kicked about and basically messed up. Who will hear the call to help these guys out?

Thankfully, Dave is on hand and is ready to give the dead a voice with some “Undead Rights“. Yes, you’ve probably guessed, here we have another zombie comedy, and this one looks as if its straight from the pages of Shaun of the Dead. Courtesy of Quiet Earth we have the brief synopsis and poster, see if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Dave of the Dead is written and directed by¬†Shaun O’Sullivan and is currently in pre-production.

Synopsis: “The Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t much of an apocalypse. Zombies are living among us as second class citizens, and “Undead Rights” activists are taking to the streets in protest against Zombie bigotry. Dave doesn’t give a fig about Zombies, but if saving them from society means getting the girl of his dreams, then the Zombies just got themselves a Hero!”


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