2011 Horror Films I Forgot were Awesome

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The problem with doing a top ten list is you sometimes leave films out that you either forgot about because you saw so many or you didn’t realise it was released this year. This was the case with my Top 10 Horror Films of 2011 list and I’m here to select a few more films that I enjoyed and missed out on my list, they may not be my favourites but still worth listing. So without further ado here are my Favorite Horror Films of 2011 I Forgot Were Awesome!

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Tucker & Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids. The best Horror-Comedy of the year, easily on par with the likes of Shaun Of The Dead

2011 Horror Films I Forgot were Awesome

Attack the Block – A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion. Another Horror-Comedy that is very entertaining to watch. Also from the Shaun Of The Dead team

2011 Horror Films I Forgot were Awesome

Mother’s Day – The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests. A very gripping film and also a rare remake that isn’t worse than the original

2011 Horror Films I Forgot were Awesome

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