English Trailer For The Doomsday Book

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English Trailer For The Doomsday BookI am still blown away by this one. Now we have an English-subbed trailer so we can understand just what is going on, and I love it. The end of the world makes for an awesome horror flick. Here we have an upcoming Korean anthology from some of the country’s most prolific directors, Kim Ji-woon(I Saw The Devil), Lim Pil-seong (Hansel & Gretel, Antarctic Journal) and Han Jae-rim (The Show Must Go On).

Synopsis: “First Chapter (“Heaven’s Creation”) – Director Kim Ji-woon: A story about a robot who gains consciousness and the absurdity that follows. 

Second Chapter (“The New Generation”) – Director Lim Pil-seong: A clever action film told from the point of view of a boy who has become a zombie, this segment explores how humans lose control of planet Earth, becoming mere food for a different species. 

Third Chapter (“The Christmas Gift”) – Director Han Jae-rim: A musical movie that re-interprets the beautiful love story “The Christmas Gift” by O Henry, this project confronts the basic instincts of a woman and her last chance to survive after witnessing the end of the world.”

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