The Perfect House (2010) Review

Chris Savage

I have done my good deed of the day thanks to Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent’s indie anthology flick The Perfect House. They have set-up an excellent idea for the month of February. As it is Women in Horror Month, these guys will give 30 cents of every view to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation while giving us fans a rock bottom price to view the film. It’s a win-win situation, you just can’t lose and if you are wondering I absolutely loved The Perfect House.

In life, if you find a house to good to be true, it’s a pretty safe bet that there is something wrong, perhaps there is faulty heating, damaged electrics or maybe dead bodies buried in the wall. In The Perfect house, we are greeted to the newlyweds Mike and Marrisol who are on the hunt for their “perfect house”, and perhaps they have found it.

They arrive at a beautiful property with a price that almost seems too good to be true. They are soon greeted by the very busty and oversexed real estate Agent who walks them around the house which could become their new home. Once inside we are catapulted into an anthology of three stories which show us the past tenants of the house.

The house itself is the catalyst of the movie, in which all the stories revolve around the house and the evil doings which has occurred throughout the years. We first venture back in time to the late sixties where we are treated to a Hitchcockian style segment in the way it feels and how its shot.

We follow a family holed up in the basement while a storm is taking place, the family itself hold’s dark secrets which are revealed throughout and soon things unfold and get quite out of hand while the storm runs its course. It’s a neat little thriller, which is quite twisted in parts and I like the way the shot this segment as well as the other segments using the year to adjust to the filming style.

The next tale ventures into something like “torture-porn”, in the vein of films like Eli Roth’s Hostel, where we follow a sadistic serial killer who keeps a young girl locked up to watch the carnage and brutality take place. Let’s just say the blood runs freely in this segment, not for the week of heart and some very good f/x on display.

The final tale feature’s a family who are invited to a dinner party and everything seem’s all fine and dandy, but sometimes you can piss off your neighbor by the simplest of things. This story features a vengeful neighbor who takes things a little too far which results in some brutal violence and lots of blood for you gore-hounds out there. I don’t want to go into detail about each segment as it will spoil the payoff, but I loved it.

I thought the acting was actually top-notch for the most part, even the kids who had to look petrified, the stories managed to intertwine into the main story of the newlyweds. You won’t really find anything new here, but it’s a tight story which leaves you wanting more. For example, the real estate Agent at the beginning of the film, she holds something dark and sinister I’m sure, and perhaps the sequel will shed some light on her story.

The film is a brutal bloodbath throughout, starting off slowly and quickly picking up the carnage and bloodletting as it goes along. I was glued to my screen throughout just mesmerized by each story. Yes, all the stories revolve around death and there is no real answer as to how all those come together, but I guess that’s the beauty of leaving us fans wanting more.

Did I mention that all the women are freaking smokin’ hot! I’m not kidding, they are also super talented to boot. For the most part my jaw was almost touching the floor, especially Monique Parent who plays the real estate Agent, my god! While your watching, keep an eye out for Felissa Rose, you know, she played the transsexual killer in Sleepaway Camp. She pulls off an awesome role as the “mother”, and yes, smokin’ hot too.

I say give this one a watch now, it’s $1.30 on their official Facebook page, you can’t lose. If you are a fan of anthology style films, I recommend this one for you. This is another reason why I love the indie scene. Anyway, I loved it and now I can’t wait for the sequel, bring on the carnage! 8/10.


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