Top Ten Horror Movie Kill Scenes: Freddy Krueger


I recently did a short article about Jason Voorhees and the best kills from the 80s. Before CGI ruled supreme, special effects artists had to rely on odd things like latex and buckets of fake blood. They would take painstaking hours to create horrific and life-like grievous wounds. With the advent of CGI, a couple of mouse clicks can get the same effect, sort of. Low budget is still low budget, it just takes less time to get to the desired effect. If you’ve seen Dinoshark or Sharktopus, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I feel bad. I didn’t do a list for Freddy Krueger. He has charisma, style and charm. Jason never spoke, so lethal machete swipes and brutal impalement were his way of displaying his personality. How many other unstoppable homicidal madmen out there took the time to craft something witty as they butchered their prey?

p.s. You’ll notice I’ve not included anything from part 2 – I refuse to acknowledge its existence because that particular movie was an absolute turd.

Without further ado, here’s Freddy’s Best:

Blood Fountain (part 1)

You must have seen this one coming. Nancy’s boyfriend Glen gets it late in the movie; I suppose they were saving the best for last. Johnny Depp’s famous big screen debut ends with him getting sucked down into his bed followed by a ridiculous amount of blood that jets out of the hole like a waterfall in reverse.

Nice Hearin’ From Ya, Carlos! (part 6)

Jason killed a guy in a wheelchair in Part 2, and Carlos is Freddy’s response. Carlos (who is deaf) takes a serious beat-down before finally getting killed. First, he gets chastised by his mother, after she knocks him over with a wicked right hook. She then changes into Freddy who drives a foot long Q-tip in one ear and out the other. Freddy then throws him through a brick wall and down a flight of stairs. THEN Carlos’ head explodes with the help of Freddy’s “knives on the chalkboard” trick. I believe this is the most single most drawn out kill in the franchise. And it’s marvelous.

Puppet Master (part 3)

This one makes my skin crawl every time I see it; it’s pretty ghastly. Freddy cuts open Phillips hands and feet, and yanks out the tendons inside. Phillip is turned into a grotesque puppet, being forced to walk (leaving plenty of blood spatter in his path) to the edge of a high tower where Freddy cuts the tendons, sending Phillip plummeting to his death. The details in the initial clay-mation scene are really well done and certainly inventive. Great scene if you’ve got the stomach for it.

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      1. Anonymous February 19, 2012 at 4:38 pm

        Thank you! I love Freddy, and this is just pure awesome!