Burton Says Original Dark Shadows TV Series “Kind Of Awful”


 Recently, the crew at herocomplex.com had a chance to visit the set of “Dark Shadows” and talk to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  Burton had this to say about the original series that his latest film is based on:  “I think,” Burton said evenly, “you could say it was actually awful.” Of course he was commenting on the fact that if you watched the show today it feels very outdated and corny.  I myself have seen about 400 episodes of the show and can say that it is in fact pretty hokey but it is addictive and never boring.

“It’s a different animal,” Burton said. “If I go back and watch something like ‘Star Trek,’ it’s not that hard to analyze what the appeal was, and even if the show is dated you identify what it was that made it work. The ‘Dark Shadows’ appeal was a little more abstract. What I loved about it was the fact that it was a melodramatic soap opera, and, well, that flies in the face of any modern studio’s interests as far as moviemaking. But what we’ve gone for is a mixture, and that’s always what I’ve been interested in; I think most of my movies are mixtures of light and dark and serious things and things that have humor in them.”

I for one felt underwhelmed when I first watched the trailer but after a few more viewings I am starting to become optimistic. The above and below pictures are the latest to be released.  I rather like the one of Depp standing under a painting of what I think is his own Barnabas Collins from centuries ago.  I’m not sure if it is just me but I think the painting is of the Jonathan Frid who played the original Barnabas on the 1960’s TV series.  I could be wrong.

If you want to read the entire interview at herocomplex.com then click here.


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