Casting Begins For The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence

Chris Savage

For those of you who are anxiously waiting the third and final entry in Tom Six’s The Human Centipede trilogy will be pleased to know that the film has begun casting. What might make you even more giddy is we see two familiar characters return.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey will be returning for lead roles in the upcoming flick. Adding to that, Tom Six has cast himself in a supporting role.

Principal photography is said to take place this May and June  in the southern states of the U.S. Ilona Six who will be producing the feature has said that the film will be released in 2013 and it will be “100 percent politically incorrect.”

What do you guys say?

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      1. Anonymous March 4, 2012 at 4:49 pm

        Sounds “over-ambitious”. But the fact that they are bringing back Dieter Laser, hopefully to reprise the same role, will make for an interesting third entry to close the trilogy. I can’t say it creates the same level of buzz or excitement, like say REC3, since we already got a pretty decent idea of what the film plot is going to revolve around aka Mad Doctor + Torture & Kidnapping + Grotesque Experiment = nonstop vomitfest, LOL. And besides that, the premise of the Human Centipede is now unfortuntaly a “been there, done that” entry of the mad doctor/scientist mythos that already had its 15 minutes of fame and probably should have stopped after two films, unless of course there is new or fresh content yet to be unearthed to the genre. To the uninititated, I suggest you check out The Island of Dr.Moreau, Bride of ReAnimator, or even the classic Frankenstein to appreciate & grasp ahold of the film’s ideaology. I’m not sold on the sequels, but the Human Centipede: First Sequence is a great little horror gem and shouldn’t be missed by the avid horror enthusiast.