Chucky Isn’t Dead! – Remake Planned & Spin-Off in the Works?

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Chucky Isnt Dead!   Remake Planned & Spin Off in the Works?We have heard constant rumors regarding the pending remake of Child’s Play. While nothing has ever been concrete or officially announced, this may actually be the closet thing we have heard to being a possibility.

At this years The Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina, MovieHole was on hand and hand the opportunity to ask Brad Dourif some questions.

Not only did he reveal that he is confirmed to star in the upcoming remake, but he also stated that their is a Child’s Play spin-off in the works which is entitled the Revenge of Chucky in which he is also attached.

Revenge of Chucky is said to be “a spin-off of sorts involving Chucky’s immediate family.”

While Dourif has said that he is involved in both films, he always mentioned that he hasn’t seen a script yet, so who knows if any of these will still happen. Still, perhaps this isn’t the last we have seen from that killer doll.

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