7 Below (2012) Movie Review

Mad Mike

A group of strangers are headed on a trip, but not one they expected. After one of the passengers spots a figure of a woman on the side of the road in a field, it’s not long before the ghostly character appears in front of the moving vehicle, causing it to crash. Enter Jack, owner of the nearest house, as they are in the middle of nowhere, he helps out by providing shelter for the injured and the rest of them.

With one passenger already dead from the accident, Bill, who suffered to nasty knock to the head takes a turn for the worse and bites the dust, but instead of just the cut on his head he now has marks around his neck which causes confusing amongst the remaining travelers. Meanwhile, the house owner, Jack, becomes retreated from the situation, as if he knows more than what he’s letting on.

Now trapped in the house due to a heavy storm and a power cut they try to settle down for the night, but one by one they all see an apparition of a child, so they don’t get much sleep. With each supernatural appearance, another member of the stranded group winds up dead.

All through these proceedings Jack seems to be all a little too calm and detached. That’s because he knows whats really going on! And it’s not too long before the remaining few realise they are trapped in some kind of time warp and that a reenactment of events that happened 100 years ago are in full swing.

Before anyone gets all excited by what you’ve just read, DON’T! I’ve made it sound better than it actually is, if you thought that sounded interesting. The main reason I gave this movie a go was purely because of the cast. Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames, Luke Goss, all actors that have been in some great roles and great movies movies over the years. The sad truth though is that all 3 of them seem to be either, starring in poor films with empty plots for bargain-basement paychecks, or they just don’t cut it anymore! OK, in Kilmer’s case, the latter seems to be more appropriate, so thank the powers that be he died not that long into the film. But since seeing Goss in Blade 2 and Hell boy 2, (which he was good in both) I’ve had such high hopes for him.

The film itself is just sterile and rather boring. I found myself constantly waiting for something big to happen and actually make me sit up and pay more attention, but it never did. It even lacked surprise on the predictability scale, because it was just that predictable. The only thing that saved this from being a complete disaster was Rhames, Goss and new comer Rebecca Da Costa, but unfortunately that still wasn’t enough to make this an average movie.

My final thoughts? With a poor script and plot holes, the best thing about this movie was the sound of the storm through my surround sound system!

1 / 5 stars     

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      1. Dan Acosta May 8, 2012 at 9:29 pm

        Any idea what song that is playing during the closing credits?