Insanitarium (2008) Movie Review
Posted by Mister Joshua | Posted 1187 days ago.
Certain films exist within a bubble. This bubble allows the viewer to enjoy the film despite whatever (rather obvious) pockmarks that exist on the project as a whole. ‘Insanitarium’ is one of these types of films. Inherently, there are many things that, when taken individually, could ruin the film. Yet, when all of them are [...]

40 Fantastic Minimalist Horror Movie Posters
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 1188 days ago.
I love movie posters. I love even more the minimalist movie posters that talented artists design. Unfortunately good ones are extremely hard to find which is a tragedy if you ask me. Lucky for you however today I have over 40 new Minimalist Horror movie posters that were designed by  Matthieu Roche an incredibly talented [...]

First Photo From Greg McLean’s Crawlspace
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1188 days ago.
Having its world premiere at this years Cannes festival is Justin Dix’s Crawlspace for Darclight Films and we have our first look at the film with this brand new photo which you can view below. The film stars Ditch Davey, Peta Sargeant, John Brumpton & Leslie Simpson with Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) on producing duties. Synopsis: [...]

New The Ring Found Footage Film Clip
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 1188 days ago.
So by now I am sure you all read on our site that they are planning another RING movie. They of course have run out of ideas and will be giving it a found footage angle which is a great way to cash in on a new fad and make alot of die hard fans [...]

The Definitive Friday the 13th Documentary Is Currently Filming
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1188 days ago.
Fans of the Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of ‘Friday the 13th hardcover and eBook editions will be pleased to know that the documentary of said book is currently filming and it is in very experienced hands. According to the guys over at Dread Central, Daniel Farrands will be directing while Thommy Hutson will be on [...]

Kane Hodder & Danielle Harris Officially Confirmed For Hatchet III
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1188 days ago.
It comes as no surprise, and we have already heard that they will be joining the fold, but now it has been made official. Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder will be heading back into that murky swamp for Hatchet III. From the Press Release: ” Dark Sky Films and Ariescope Pictures are pleased to announce that Kane [...]

Sam Raimi To Produce Poltergeist Remake
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1188 days ago.
It was kind of a kick in the nuts to hear that MGM would be remaking yet another classic film, Poltergeist. Even though it sucks having one of your favorite films under the scope of someone else, it is all the better just knowing that it may not be so bad after all. According to [...]

New International Poster for Men in Black 3
Posted by Monster Mary | Posted 1188 days ago.
A brand new Poster was released for Men in Black 3 thanks to Stark industries. Men in Black 3 hits Theatres nationwide on May 25.   It will be presented  in 2D, 3D,  and IMAx 3D.  MIB3 stars Will Smith as Agent J, Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, Alice Eve as Agent O, and Josh [...]

The Divide Review
Posted by Lola Savage | Posted 1188 days ago.
From director Xavier Gens, known for Hitman and Frontier(s), comes The Divide; a film depicting the aftermath of a group of survivors who escape a nuclear attack and are then trapped underground without hope for rescue. I initially found this title advertised in a magazine and when I watched the trailer I knew I wanted [...]

William Castle Tribute V: Audience Participatory Supplements (Part Two)
Posted by TerrorCorner | Posted 1188 days ago.
In my article, “William Castle Tribute V: Audience Participatory Supplements (Part One)“, I discussed the many “gimmicks” that the great William Castle used to promote his films.  In that article- and the previous ones in the William Castle Tribute series, you probably noticed that I put quotes around the word, “gimmick”.  The reason for this [...]

Rabid Grannies Movie Review
Posted by Carrion | Posted 1188 days ago.
I need to clean out my basement.  It’s become a dumping ground for stuff that I don’t use, but has enough sentimental value that I won’t ditch any of it.  While digging through my old VHS collection last weekend, I came across “Rabid Grannies”. I completely forgot I had this!  I’ve been a fan of Troma [...]

10 Most Disturbing Horror Movies Of All Time
Posted by Cole | Posted 1188 days ago.
Admit it.  You love it when you watch a film that sits with you for hours, even days after.  Your stomach twists and turns, you cover your eyes but peek through your hands because you can’t miss a minute.  You get that strange internal shudder that goes down your spine all the way to your [...]

Lurkers (1988) Movie Review
Posted by Mister Joshua | Posted 1188 days ago.
One of the things that you can always count on in Mister Joshuas household circa Christmas/Hanukkah (we hold dual religious citizenship here) are the gifts from aunts or cousins that really only know nothing about you. These folks put as much thoughtfulness in selecting a gift as it takes to pull up a Facebook page [...]

William Castle Tribute V: Audience Participatory Supplements (Part One)
Posted by TerrorCorner | Posted 1188 days ago.
In 1958, the world was introduced to William Castle’s movie, “Macabre,” and the first of many “gimmicks” that he would use to promote his movies. The “gimmick” for “Macabre” was pretty simple compared to some of the later ones.  To market his movie, a certificate for a $1,000.00 life insurance policy- issued by Lloyd’s of [...]

Top Ten Horror Movie Spoofs and Satires
Posted by Monster Mary | Posted 1188 days ago.
When I went to see Cabin in the Woods recently, I loved the parts of the movie that made fun of the cliches of Horror films. I started to think of all the other great Satires or Spoofs on Horror, and wanted to watch a few again. There have been some really good ones and [...]

The House of the Devil Review
Posted by Monster Mary | Posted 1188 days ago.
Samantha is a good girl and probably gets good grades at College. Her roommate at College dorm is lazy, messy, and snores too loud. Samantha desperately wants to get a place to call her own; she finds an apartment that would be perfect for her. All she has to do is come up with $300 [...]

The Innkeepers Review
Posted by Monster Mary | Posted 1188 days ago.
Claire and Luke work at The Yankee Pedlar Inn for the summer, the hotel is believed by many in the area to be one of the most haunted hotels in all of New England. It is the last weekend the Inn will be open for business, so Claire and Luke are the only two employees [...]

The Wicker Tree Review
Posted by Mister Joshua | Posted 1188 days ago.
Writer/Director Robin Hardys ‘The Wickerman‘ is regarded as a classic amongst genre fans, myself included. It’s a film that, despite being almost 40 years old, is still leaving it’s indelible imprint on films being made today (see my review for The Kill List). It has reached beyond the horror sub-genre and even outside of the [...]

Wake Wood Review
Posted by Monster Mary | Posted 1188 days ago.
Wake Wood opens with a happy family that is celebrating their daughter’s birthday. Her father gives her a Gerbil for her birthday and she is so happy. She stops by her father’s veterinary clinic to say hello and runs into a rabid dog. The poor little girl doesn’t even have a chance to get away, [...]

New Teaser Poster For The Bunny Game
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1189 days ago.
While Adam Rehmeier’s The Bunny Game is banned in the U.K. (shock horror, what isn’t banned over there!?) it still looks like you lucky guys and gals in the States will still get to witness the horrors they have in-store, as it is released on DVD & Blu-ray in July as well as a planned limited theatrical [...]