Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back Review

Rest Stop Dont Look Back

Rest Stop Dont Look Back

“Road trips gone wrong” are among my favorite sub-genre of horror. Wrong Turn, Jeepers Creepers, Joy Ride and the old Spielberg classic, Duel rank in my world as some of the greats. I was hoping this one would be as good.  I mean, it had all the hallmarks on the front cover; guns, blood and girls.   Don’t judge a book . . . .yeah, yeah, I know.

Corporal Tom Hilts (Richard Tilman) comes back from overseas and goes on a mission to try and find his brother who disappeared while on a road trip with his girlfriend, Nicole.

Tom goes searching with his girlfriend Marilyn (Jessie Ward) and buddy, Jared (Graham Norris). At a rest stop, Marilyn sees the ghost of Nicole and quickly figures out something supernatural is afoot.  Both Tom and Jared each have their own supernatural experiences, although Jared’s is a little  . . .different.

I like the premise of this movie, but it just doesn’t deliver. As a torture porn, it suceeds, but that’s not what I was expecting. The story makes little sense. It starts off with some logic, but after a while everything gets very convoluted to the point where you ask yourself, “what’s going on?”.

It’s also unnecessary to make up silly ideas on how to put ghosts to rest.  It’s an old convention.  Use something that works.  The violence and gore are great, don’t get me wrong. The story that weaves the violence together is pretty weak. So is the ghost story that attempts to explain the movie.

I would advise fast forwarding to the good bits. There’s not much in between.



1.5 / 5 stars     


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