Rudy Gold’s Horror Short VHS 1987

Chris Savage

I miss the days of the VHS, even the somewhat annoying habit of having to keep pressing the ‘tracking’ button to try and get a decent picture, or even blowing inside the machine itself to get and get that sucker up and running.

But even though there was hassle, I enjoyed it, it was all part of the fun and what about 1987, pretty good year if I say so myself, and Rudy Gold has dug out an interesting piece from that era, check it out below in all its short entirety.

The short stars Araya Gallegos, Azura Gallegos, America Gallegos, Aroura Gallegos and.Lupita Cabrera.

“Be careful what you wish for after blowing out your birthday candles, you might get it…”

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      1. Cristian Guzman May 15, 2012 at 9:09 pm

        so so awesome