Tom Six Will Reveal All in The Human Centipede 3

Chris Savage

I’m not too sure if you guys are looking forward to Tom Six’s final installment in The Human Centipede franchise, and quite frankly I’m not exactly sure where the flick is right now.

However, Tom Six has once again took to his Twitter page to announce a little tidbit for the final installment.

“Yes twitters. What happened to Lindsay (Ashley C. Williams) stuck in between two corpses in #THC and Martin’s strange #THC2 ending?: I will reveal all in #THC3

As I said above, who knows where the flick is at the moment. I mean, what with the apparent Dieter Laser lawsuit issued. I’m sure more will be unveiled in due time, but the question is, do you even want more Human Centipede?


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      1. Jacob Burnell May 30, 2012 at 10:29 pm


      2. Jonathan Drew Kinigson May 30, 2012 at 10:54 pm

        Honestly, I do not care after seeing the second installment. I felt the first film gave us enough suspense and shock that it worked for what it was. I enjoyed the twisted mad scientist doctor playing God angle, but the followup was nothing but trash. And yeah I know that Tom Six had originally expected his premiere ‘Centipede’ film to be one to shock and anger audiences, however to his surprise audiences received it well. So that pissed him off and what does he do but create a total sh*tfest (literally sh*t blasting at the camera lens) and a features a terrified woman smashing her newborn baby’s face underneath a gas pedal in her attempt to escape. There was nothing artistic or redeemable about the sequel and it made a mockery of the original. So congrats to Tom, he pretty much succeeded in pissing off and isolating viewers and speaking for myself, I am not anticipating the third entry to the series. I will rent HC3 on DVD just to finish off the trilogy but other than that I will never give part 2 a second viewing let alone spend money on it to add to my film library. I’ll simply pretend the sequels never existed and stick to the original. So there you have it lol. Cheers :-)