Bill Murray Offers Ghostbusters 3 Update

Chris Savage

No matter where Bill Murray goes, the inevitable question of Ghostbusters 3 will forever loom over his head. We’ve heard his comments in the past, we’ve heard that he is done with Ghostbusters, or at least he was.

Recently appearing on the David Letterman show, Letterman asked the inaugural question, what about Ghostbusters 3? Considering that Murray has basically turned down his involvement, his response was actually a little surprising.

Murray’s reply courtesy of Screen Crush:

“Well, that’s all that they wanted to know at Cannes, too. You know, you just gotta have a really good script. It’s hard. Even the second ‘Ghostbusters’ wasn’t as much fun for me as the first one. It’s hard to make a sequel. It’s gotta be really funny, and that first one was just so darn funny.”

Murray continues;

“Well, I think … we’ll try again. I always drag my feet on it.”

For once, Murray sounds as if he may be coming round to the idea. But as he has part ownership of the franchise, its basically in his court if Ghostbusters 3 see’s the go ahead, that’s with or without him.

Check out the full video below.

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      1. sirmichaelvalentine May 7, 2013 at 4:36 pm

        murray sign on already you can’t do what your known for showing up at the last minute sure it worked back then but this time your the hold up cause there waiting on your input and the fans isn’t taking no for an answer so you may have to make this movie or have any movie you make after fail cause your fans are pissed about GB3 we already have rumors that you said no on it but the question keeps coming up over and over again trying to win you over if you have signed on by now the movie would be already in the making dan then them now have two scripts that im sure are great sony will green light the project IF YOU SIGN ON so do it and stop dragging your dang feet already.