Caity Lotz is Programmed to Kill in The Machine

Chris Savage

If I were to program Caity Lotz, killing would be the last thing on my mind, I’d get a cup of tea instead. Well, actually I’d get something else, but I’ll save your innocent minds of my fantasies, instead I shall let you guys in on Caity Lotz’s new feature.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Caity Lotz (pictured right) and Toby Stephens will play lead roles in Content Film’s romantic sci-fi action thriller The Machine, with production said to start this July 23rd.

The film is said to be set in the near future “with the world plunged into another cold war and Britain’s Ministry of Defense on the verge of developing a robotic soldier.”

“This soldier, called The Machine (Lotz), looks and sounds human, but has the strength, speed and ruthlessness beyond that of any living person.”

“The project is near completion when a bug in the programming, a side effect of it being too close to human coding, causes the prototype to destroy the lab and everyone in its path in spectacularly violent fashion.”

Stephens will play the lead scientist Vincent McCarthy who obsessively continues his work on The Machine in secret.

Here’s hoping we get some all out horror at the hands of Lotz, and hopefully its very low on the whole romance angle, but we shall see.


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