Experience The Horror of Barnes Folly

Chris Savage

Who’s up for some b-movie mayhem? While it seems to be more veering towards the comedy side, The Horror of Barnes Folly does deliver slightly on the gore, and it gets a bonus for using practical effects. Care to witness rednecks vs. a monster? Well, head on down below.

Thanks to Avery for the find, here we have the official trailer for the upcoming horror comedy, The Horror of Barnes Folly, check it out and see if its one for you.

Synopsis: “When a misunderstood MONSTER stumbles into the small backwoods hillbilly town of BARNES FOLLY, it is up to DEPUTY JOHNSON (Gorbos), an inept, newly transplanted cop from the big city, to ease the terrified town and bring the Monster to justice. He forms a mismatch posse, including his slightly psychic girlfriend (Bell), the town’s only doctor (Muhammed), an odd woodsman (Gubbins), and Jeff, the hillbilliest of all hillbillies (Rodrick), to catch the horrible, horrific, horrifying Monster.”

For more information, hit up their official website and Facebook page.


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