Prometheus Review

Chris Savage

I have been waiting with eager anticipation to view Ridley Scott’s return to the franchise he once created back in 1979, so when I got the chance to view this one in the cinema, I jumped straight at the opportunity and sat down for a thrilling and exhilarating ride.  As you are all aware, there has been talks regarding Prometheus‘ involvement in the Alien franchise, at one point it was a prequel, then a film set in the universe, but also one which has Alien DNA, I can tell you, it has all the above.

I went in wanting a prequel, but not expecting one, I wanted answers to the origins to the species, just who or what is this “Space Jockey” (here they are called Engineers) we have been hearing so much about since Ridley Scott’s ’79 Alien? Well, as much as this one answers many questions, it leaves you asking even more questions regarding certain species and the like.

The story begins here on Earth in the future, 2089 to be precise, this is where we are first introduced to two archaeologists, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and her lover Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green). During their expedition in  a cave in Scotland, they stumble upon an ancient pictogram of sorts. This leads them to believe that a visitor from space has actually visited Earth many years ago.

With this, we are quickly catapulted a few years into the future, December 21, 2093 on the spacecraft, Prometheus which is an absolutely stunning ship which has striking visuals. Here we find out that they are on an expedition which is financed by the very familiar name, Weyland Industries.

On-board are Shaw and Holloway among 17 others who are all in cryogenic chambers. This is where we are introduced to the only awake member of the crew, David (Michael Fassbender) who plays an awesome android, and I believe pretty much steals the show throughout. David is a very special kind of Android, he enjoys films and learning many languages and an extremely valuable asset to the team, for now.

Soon the crew land at their destination, before David wakes up all the crew, while Shaw is extremely excited to begin her exploration to meet her potential maker, Weyland official Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) isn’t too keen on the idea and is quiet frankly a super bitch throughout  the film, think Burke in James Cameron’s Aliens.

Prometheus‘ Captain (Idris Elba) is simply here to fly the ship and look out for everyone’s safety, nothing more, but does a pretty good job at playing the ship’s sturdy Captain.

Soon the whole team suits up, apart from Vickers and the Captain who both stay on board the ship to watch the rest of the team’s vital signs and provide assistance along the way. Here we are treated to some absolutely beautiful scenery with an excellent score to boot. Along their journey into the unknown, things quickly become apparent that all is not what it seems. The team have the most advanced equipment at hand, including remote floating scanning devices which would have been extremely useful to the team in Alien.

Here they uncover what they came for, but also something more, something they or even I could have imagined. Ridley Scott builds up the tension and slowly unleashes some shocks to be had. There are some truly violent scenes to be had and outstanding special effects which aid the film brilliantly.

As they film gets deeper, the mystery become more apparent, but as I’ve said, it leaves even more questions to be answered. There is a disappointing fight scene near the end, but the outcome is brilliant, if you’re a fan of the Alien franchise you will be pleasantly surprised.

While the acting all round was pretty stellar, I just didn’t really feel any connection to the characters, for example, I just couldn’t care less who dies. It sounds bad, but I just never really connected to them. However they did show true signs of fear which helped the film move along nicely.

I was expecting more scares, as Ridley Scott stated in an interview that he wanted to “scare the shit out of you”, sadly that never came to be, for me, although there where a couple of people in the cinema hiding their eyes behind their hands during some parts. So maybe its just me.

Anyway, I don’t want to really explain what goes on once they hit their destination as it will spoil the film, so just go in not expecting a true prequel, and you will leave extremely satisfied, and I’m sure you will be talking about for many days after, just like me.

The door is left open for a new trilogy, but I’m left hanging here, I have so many more questions now then when I first went in, I want a sequel and I’m sure you will to. Believe me, Prometheus is a thrilling and exhilarating ride which will leave you on the edge of your seat leading up to the climactic finale. This is a must watch!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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        I was disappointed.