Prometheus Spoilers Discussion

Herner Klenthur

It should go without saying that you should under no circumstances read on further if you have not seen Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. The film has already been reviewed in great detail by our team of writers so after seeing it today I see no reason to review it but I do feel the need to ask some questions.

Ready for the spoilers? I remember when Ridley Scott announced this movie the first thing that came to mind was finally another Alien movie and what better then a prequel. Readers and bloggers alike shot me down as being either an idiot at worse or just simply misguided at best. Having seen Prometheus how is this NOT a prequel to Alien?

Secondly did anyone else feel like the movie was a bit shallow? Where was the big finish? I left the movie feeling empty inside and I am sure the intent was to leave me wanting more for the inevitable sequels but Prometheus story and ending were one step above the ‘fade to black we ran out of ideas’ endings we have seen in some other very bad films.

How does this film tie to the original Alien? How does the time line work? What made the aliens turn on the human race?

Last and certainly not least I have to commend Ridley Scott on putting together one hell of a top notch cast but it is truly a shame they had no impact on me.

I was not engaged with or emotionally attached to any of the characters and was surprised at my complete lack of attachment to the characters. Who was I supposed to be rooting for again? Was it the lead character Dr Shaw or was I just supposed to be fascinated by the great visuals? I definitely loved the visuals but the lack of character growth did very little to make me care for any of the key players survival.

I enjoyed Prometheus but I think that had more to do with the fact I saw it in IMAX 3D and was blown away by the sweet visuals. Prometheus was far from outstanding, but also far from bad. Where do you see the inevitable sequel going? What other parts of the movie left you with questions? Lets have a spoiler-tastic debate!


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      1. Mith Besler June 11, 2012 at 3:27 am

        **** Spoilers***

        I am not really seeing this as a prequel. Right now we are seeing a story in the same universe as the original Alien movie. That may change if there are more movies. In the second or third of this series we may find out that Shaw crashed the second ship on the planet the Nostromo went to. I like to think of this like the Lovecraft universe, there are many stories to tell, but they all have something in common. The movie is set in the year 2093 the original Aliens was set in the year 2122, with Aliens set in the year 2179. In Prometheus it only took 2 years to get to the planet, One would think the company would sneak someone else there long before the Nostromo. Granted it may be the same moon/planet as Alien, and Nostromo got there during winter or such. The atmosphere from Alien was as Ash called it primordial, while in Prometheus it was close to Earths but still deadly. Plus the company seemed to know nothing about the planet until Aliens when Ripley got back and got bitch slapped for saving the human race for the first time.  Also another reason why the two movies were set on different moons/planets. The ship in Alien had a Space Jocky piloting it, the crashed ship in Prometheus the pilot bit the dust in the life pod. The xenomorph was different in this one. I reasoned it like this. The Engineers  don’t actually make life but co-op existing life. We came from a Engineer who sacrificed itself to create us. Could the xenomorph in Prometheus meant to be the final product, and the xenomorph from Alien the original biogical sample. The black oil, yea using a X-Files term, meant to be used as the catalyst for xenomorph 2.0. Infect a male, impregnate a female create face hugger and bam Xenormporph 2.0. A soldier they could better control then the original. Could humans have just been a petri dish set up ages ago for later experiments. Shaw seemed to think we screwed up and the Engineers were just going to wipe the slate clean and start over. I think it is as simple as a biologist using lab mice to find a cure or grow a ear on them. The ship they find in Alien may have been transporting the original xenomorph either to the moon/planet in Prometheus or some other planet they wanted to wipe clean. To finish this off I would like to finish with xenomorph. Just a fun word to say and type. 

      2. Jessica Aissa January 4, 2013 at 11:28 pm

        I think Prometheus fails as a stand-alone film and fails even more as an Alien prequel. It has a very good premise – the whole mystery surrounding the Engineers and this trip to a distant planet to search for our “creators” is actually quite interesting and lures you into thinking this is going to be a good movie – but the movie itself fails within pretty much every category.

        Sure, the graphics are amazing and make up for one of the most good-looking movies I’ve ever seen, but that’s all I got from it. The story that follows is so bland and full of holes that, at some point, you stop caring for what is going to happen. That also makes sense when you analyze the characters: not a single one of them, except perhaps the android, creates any kind of bond with you. If they all die, you pretty much don’t care, because every single action they take is purely stupid.

        Okay, maybe this is too obvious for anyone who’s watched Prometheus. Now, on the “Alien prequel” issue, it seems more like someone said “hey, you know what this movie needs? Aliens!” and then they make this ridiculous connection between the Space Jockeys and this weird species they created that somehow gives birth to something that resembles an Alien. It makes no sense at all. If this is ever taken seriously as an Alien prequel, I’ll be very much upset. I loved the Alien movies, and Prometheus is nothing but an insult to a great series.

      3. jerry balls April 9, 2013 at 8:38 pm

        The Prometheus is the ship they were going to save