Red Band Trailer for Serial Killer Flick ‘Tartar’

Chris Savage

Today must be awesome trailer day as we have another piece of horror goodness for you fiends out there. If you’re looking for some more gore-soaked madness at the hands of an insane serial killer, look no further as Olavi Lehtimäki has your back with Tartar.

Olavi Lehtimäki directed the upcoming serial killer flick, Tartar, and I have to say from this early trailer, sign me the heck up, this looks freaking killer. Thanks to Avery you can check out the trailer below, enjoy.

Synopsis: “It is autumn 2011. A beastlike necrophile-cannibal axe murderer starts his endless killing spree and starts spreading terror among people of a little village called Tampere. Heads are chopped with every swing while he is battling against his own demons and trying to satisfy his lust to feast with flesh. Who can stop this maniac? Who will survive? Will anyone? One thing is sure. . .MEAT HAS NEVER BEEN THIS FRESH!”

Unfortunately this is all we have at the moment, so hopefully in the weeks to come we will have more for you guys.


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