Robert Kirkman & Hyundai Developing Zombie Proof Car

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I love it! That is all I have to say. Robert Kirkman has teamed up with Hyundai to celebrate the 100th episode of his graphic novel to build a zombie proof Hyundai. I have no idea what Hyundai paid to get this priviledge but its great for them since all us nerds are having an orgasm over it.

When I think of building the ultimate zombie proof car Hyundai would be far from my list. I would think a Hummer or a Ford F150 but maybe that is just me. What would you choose?

Below is a fantastic video where Robert Kirkman talks in depth about his graphic novels, how without George Romero there would be no Walking Dead ( f*cking aye ) and how he would survive in the world of the Walking Dead.

Watch the video it truly is gold. When you are done go enter to win a Hyundai Elantra courtesy of Kirkman and you guessed it.. Hyundai.

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