A Little Bit Zombie Movie Review

Simon Rother

If you like a dosage of humor with your zombies, or the other way around, “A Little Bit Zombie”, presented in a Quebec premiere at the Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival, could be a good movie for you. It’s nowhere as close as “Shaun of the Dead” or the recent Cuban movie, “Juan of the Dead”, but it’s a light-hearted Canadian movie with a tad of gore that is worth seeing once.

Steve goes off into a cabin in the woods (no… not the other movie) with his bride-to-be, his sister, and his best friend and best man to relax before their wedding, scheduled in a week, but also to attempt to appease the tense relationship between his fiancée and his sister who despise each other.

However, having just gotten there, he is bitten by a mosquito… that had previously just bitten a zombie! Slowly, his zombie symptoms begin to surface and the group must begin to help him in a series of funny events.

Shawn Roberts (“Albert Wesker” from Resident Evil; Diary of the Dead; Land of the Dead) is hilarious in his macho-jock role while Steven McHattie (Pontypool) plays an out-of-control zombie hunter. The script was slightly original, while making a few homage-references to “Evil Dead” and the actors were good at making us believe who they were impersonating through their character traits (the alcohol-obsessed jock, the control-freak girlfriend, the rebellious sister, and the I-want-my-fiancée-to-be-happy softie).

As mentioned above, the movie is worth seeing once; to light-heartedly laugh the jokes and appreciate the dialogues and slight gore, but the story doesn’t seem to go anywhere and some characters (Steven McHattie and the girl who tags along with him) don’t really add anything important to the movie.

This is why, as your Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival reporter for the summer of 2012 I give it a 3.5 out of 5


3.5 / 5 stars     


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