Dead Sushi Movie Review

Simon Rother

The world premiere of “Dead Sushi” was at the Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival in the presence of director Noboru Iguchi and actress Rina Takeda. This is the same director as “Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead”, so the humor is very crude and basic.

Keiko (Takeda), daughter of a famous sushi chef, runs away from home when her father claims that she will never be a great sushi chef. She ends up working in a prestigious hotel where a nearby frustrated homeless man detains a serum that can inject killer instinct into fish on rice… That’s right; killer sushi. Those bitten by the sushi turn into zombie-like creatures, overflowing with rice from the mouths.

The level of humor remains the same as “Zombie Ass”; basic and to the core, with some cheesy special effects. However, the storyline (even though it involves sushi talking and attacking human beings… yes, I know…) is still a little more entertaining and intriguing to follow than “Zombie Ass’” in addition to better jokes. Fake sentimental moments will have you rolling your eyes before laughing out loud. As the trailer states, you’ll be witness to some sushi action, sushi erotica, and sushi violence!

Just like Iguchi’s other movie, you must go into this movie light-heartedly, but then again, if you read the title of the movie and decided to watch it anyway, then you already know that. That is why, considering it for what it is and grading it for the category of movies of what it is, “Dead Sushi” receives 3 stars out of 5.

3 / 5 stars     


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