Glen Mazzara Talks The Walking Dead Season 3

Chris Savage

With AMC’s The Walking Dead currently filming its third season under Glen Mazzara’s direction, the guys over at The Wrap had a chance to catch up with him to discuss what we can expect in the third season. Below we have a couple of excerpts from that interview, however, if you wish to know nothing about the story in regards to season 3, stop reading now.

With The Governor and Michonne making an appearance in the third season, the site asks whether they will stick to the comics regarding the conflict between the two?

“Certainly there’s challenging material in the comic book, and I would say there’s equally challenging material on our TV show. I think at the end of season 2 we showed that we don’t pull punches … We’re not going to get soft now. However, we’ll do things on our own time, or when it makes sense for the show. And we’re definitely looking at this Governor-Michonne-Woodbury-prison storyline as a longterm arc.”

They also ask of the possibility of finding out the cause of the zombie outbreak?

Robert is not interested in proposing a theory of what caused this apocalypse in his work, and that’s something that I think is important for us. It’s about surviving in this world. We’re lucky in the sense that we’re able to draw on a lot of great zombie films. And one of the things we really pride ourselves on is adding to that literature. Adding original bits with zombies that no one has ever seen.

When you look at possible endings, I really am interested in finding new territory and a new type of ending, a surprising ending for this series that no one’s ever done before, that no one’s ever thought of.”

To read the entire interview, hit up The Wrap and give it a read.


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