John C. Reilly as a Maniac?

Brain Harvester

Yes you read the title correctly. In a recent interview that I conducted with rapper/writer/producer R.A. The Rugged Man the topic of remakes came up and in conversation the Maniac remake was discussed. The director of the film, Franck Khalfoun is a close friend of R.A.’s and R.A. mentioned that originally the filmmakers wanted John C. Reilly for the lead role that was originated by Joe Spinell.

The reason he turned it down was due to problems with the script. Having been told this information I truly can’t think of a person that would have been better for the role than John C. Reilly.

He has the creepy look and while he has played slightly creepy roles in the past this one would haven take the cake. Standing at 6’2” and with his build and the acting range that he is capable of outside of the comedic roles, this had the chance to be an epic portrayal.

Had this casting happened I would have gladly pre bought my ticket well ahead of its release. As disappointing as it might be, I do still have faith in Elijah Wood based solely off his Sin City role.

Also confirmed during the interview is the fact that the director is taking the remake in a different direction than the original. With this information having come from someone who has seen footage and been on the set I do feel confident this is true.

As opposed to how countless remakes over the years make this claim yet all they do differently is change the lead actresses hair color or water it down to a PG-13 rating (Prom Night I’m looking in your direction). In the end, I’m hoping that the remake is great, as the original is one of my favorites and so far from the trailer it does look amazing. Although when it is released the comparison will still be made in my mind of how it would have been had John C. Reilly accepted the role. A 6’2” menace of a killer or a 5’6” hobbit? Here’s hoping that the performance on the screen will take away any could have been comparisons and leave no doubt as to the decision.


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