Top 10 Most Anticipated Returns To Horror

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With so many actors, directors, writers, and f/x artists staying busy in the industry and constantly pumping out films it’s easy to pass by and forget those that for one reason or another have slipped away either intentionally or not from the horror genre.

What follows is a list of the top 10 genre  favorites that need to come back to the horror world they helped mold.

10. Leif Jonker

He’s the one hit wonder of the list. WIth his ultra low budget, Darkness Mr. Jonker brought a kinetic craziness to the vampire genre that was at the time lagging. Since then Mr. Jonker has not directed another film and with no word on the proposed sequels it seems a far stretch that they will happen.

9. Lewis Teague

With directorial hits such as Alligator, Cujo, And Cat’s Eye to his credit it seems Mr. Teague would have had a career full of horror hits in front of him but that has not been the case. Mr. Teague has contiuned to direct but not in the horror genre since 1985.

8.  Kurt Russell

The Thing,  Escape From New York, Big Trouble In Little China. This guy had a legacy built in genre films then just stopped. Years later he reappeared in GrindHouse with a great role as stuntman Mike and has been M.I.A. ever since.

7. Jack Sholder

With such movie’s as the classic Alone In The Dark, Nightmare On Elm Street 2, and the often neglected The Hidden, Jack Sholder had a great genre output in the 80’s. His other films 12:01 and By dawn’s Early Light were also good films with a certain directorial touch. He is currently the head of the motion picture and film department at Western Carolina University.

6. Brad Anderson

With Session 9 and The Machinist, Brad Anderson cemented himself as a genre director to watch. After that his horror output pretty much stopped minus a Masters Of Horror segment. Hopefully he will return with something really solid soon.

5. Fred Dekker

As a child of the 80’s, two of my favorites were Night Of The Creeps and The Monster Squad. Both were directed by Fred Dekker and since then he has not stepped back into our beloved genre. With the screenplays for both of these films Mr. Dekker provided a generation with many fond memories and quotable lines. Wolfman’s got nards! Enough said.

4. Bill Paxton

Near Dark, Aliens, Preadator 2, and Frailty. The last of which he also masterfully directed. With Frailty being so neglected upon release I don’t know if that moved him away from the genre or if it was something else. Here’s to hoping that he directs or at least stars again in the horror realm.

3. Peter Jackson

I truly miss the days of the Peter Jackson of yesteryear. the zombie craziness of Dead Alive, the overt violence of Bad Taste, The audacity of Meet The Feebles and even the mixture of laughs and weirdness of The Frighteners.

Sorry if this next line offends anyone but I loathe The Lord Of The Rings and just don’t get the whole damn allure. With each passing installment Mr. Jackson seems further and further away from gracing us with his presence again.

2. David Cronenberg

Quite possibly the greatest living director and to think it all started and flourished with horror. Sure he keeps some horrific elements in his latter work but the genre would greatly benefit from his triumphant return to all out balls to the wall craziness. In my opinion the man has never made a bad film and if we are lucky maybe he will bring his talents back to where it all began.

1. Rob Bottin

Single-handedly this man changed the FX game. Sure Rick Baker is amazing, Dick Smith is by far the god of it all and Savini brings the gore like no other but Bottin brought it all together and created images that will live forever. In such a short period of time he created effects that will never be rivaled and sadly it seems that his return will most likely never happen.

Searching the web you’ll find rumours of him selling real estate among other things. As the effects go more and more CGI based it’s sad that a talent such as is missing in the genre.

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      1. BradleyJr July 10, 2012 at 1:56 pm

        Glad to see fred dekker get a mention. I was also a child of the 80s and moster squad was my favorite. You could say its what got me in to horror.