Do You Want to ‘Take This Lollipop’ Again? Help Fund the Sequel

Chris Savage

I am sure many of you guys are very familiar with last years awesome Halloween app, Take This Lollipop? If not, let me run you through it. The app was a sensational interactive film which had YOU as the victim. The film featured the ever sinister Bill Oberst Jr. as he tracks down your Facebook page to gain access to your address. It was simply awesome, so you can understand why it became the fastest growing Facebook app of all time!

Not only did us horror fiends share and like the app like crazy, which resulted in over 100 million views, with over 13 million likes. But, the app and all the people involved received a freakin’  Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding achievement in the category New Approaches. That’s outstanding!

So obviously these guys where onto something extraordinary. But now a year later they want to go all out with a sequel, but like the first, it is nothing without you the fans. So if you would like to help fund the sequel and even get the chance to get YOUR creative input heard, head on over to their Kickstarter page and be a part of the next big thing.

The folks behind Take This Lollipop, can’t reveal any plot details at this time, but they have promised “that it will be a much more intense experience than the first.”

Jason Zada is serving as the director and producer while Mihai Malaimare Jr. is acting as director of photography with Jason Nickel serving as interactive director.

At this time there is no word if Bill Oberst Jr. will be returning to reprise the role as the Facebook stalker, but one can only hope. He absolutely nailed it, I thought I was done for!


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