First Official Poster & Trailer for MurderDrome – Plus An Exclusive Interview

Chris Savage

We here have been following Daniel Armstrong’s upcoming Australian slasher flick MurderDrome, for a very long time now. The prospect of a roller derby with hot babes and an insane killer giving chase is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

So with the film quickly coming together, we have scored the first official trailer and poster for MurderDrome. Also I had the opportunity to shoot a few questions to the director, Daniel Armstrong, check it out all out below, and get ready for a blood bath coming your way.

The film stars stars Amber Sajben (aka Bust Up Bamby), B On The Rocks (from Melbourne’s House of Rock), Jake Brown, Rachael Blackwood, Kat Anderson (aka Hellwood Booze), Louise Monnington (aka Cyndi Lawbreaker), Gerry Mahoney (aka Farah Force-It),  Laura Soall (aka Laws A’ Breakin’), Daisy Masterman and Dayna Seville (aka Dayna Might). Featured appearances by Tommy Hellfire (Melbourne City Wrestling), Demonique Deluxe, Mary Poppinskulls and Pepper Minx.

Now onto the interview;

Horror-Movies: I love the direction that you have taken with MurderDrome, the whole homage to the 80’s os something that appeals to me and many others, what was the inspiration behind it?

Daniel Armstrong: “I’m a child of the 80s so I guess that’s a big part of it. I’ve literally been wanting to do a film involving roller derby in a genre setting for a few years, but could never really gel the two until a friend started me thinking about 80s slashers as a fun, and doable concept on shoestring budget. As roller skating has such an 80s vibe to it I immediately thought “roller derby slasher”. Hence we have MurderDrome.”

HM: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe MurderDrome is set to be released in five parts which will be available free online? If things work out, will you plan on releasing a DVD perhaps with tons of extras? Or is the plan sorely the free distribution?

DA: “Yes this was certainly the original concept HOWEVER some early advice might lead us straight to the feature length festival and DVD distribution path. It’s a bit up in the air at the moment and will depend on response from market to the finished product really, so stay tuned for more news on that.”

HM: For someone who may not have heard of MurderDrome, what can they expect to witness?

DA: “We’re describing it as a psycho-billy, roller derby, hack ‘n slashing horror film. So expect some really wicked music on the soundtrack, some derby girls being generally awesome and a killer with a meat hook attached by a chain to a meat cleaver causing mayhem. Along with some semblance of, y’know, a story and stuff like that.”

HM: You have a lot of awesome talent involved in the film such as Amber Sajben, Cyndi Lawbreaker, Bianca Currie and Kathryn Anderson to name a small few. How did you come by casting them and how did they find filming?

DA: “We cast primarily through Facebook actually. We knew we needed derby girls who wanted to act, and could act. So we set up a page and spammed the local derby leagues and just auditioned till we found the wonderful selection of awesome actors / skaters we found . As for how they found the shoot, long and hard I imagine! But you’d really need to ask them to know for sure (they’re all extremely polite to my face y’see) :P”

HM: From what I’ve seen so far in the teaser trailer and behind-the-scenes footage is the awesome practical effects, who created the prosthetic’s?

DA: “A few different folk. Primarily Ashely Smart was in charge of co-ordinating how the effects would work, both practical and visual effects. Jaz Henley also worked on a lot of the prosthetic stuff, and one of our producers, Anthony Moran, did a lot of work on contraptions to shoot blood into people’s faces and so forth. There we’re many more people involved, big team effort really.”

HM: What are the possibilities of you continuing the MurderDrome legacy with a sequel for example?

DA: “I think we’ll finish this baby first before we think about that :P”

HM: Finally, what does the future hold for you, any other upcoming horror projects in the works?

DA: “The future! Well I’ll always have other projects inning, and a passion to get them made some how (even though it’s a killer process). So stay tuned for the future my friend…”

I think MurderDrome looks set to be an absolute blast, I recommend that you keep your eyes on this one.


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