Giallo Girl Poster & Movie Details

Herner Klenthur

From the filmmaker we have the new poster for Giallo Girl which is an indie project intended to try and bring back classic Italian Horror.

“Giallo Girl” is the story of 17 year old Claire Wilmenson, a girl stricken with a new, and incurable parasitic virus that threatens all those around her, but for some reason has allowed her to live past it’s normal fatality period.

She has been isolated to an indefinite quarantine in her own home, while her family has been relocated, and her friends ostracized to internet only video chats and ce

ll phone texts. Daily visits from her hazmat clad Doctor are the only interactions Claire has an actual human, and even he is only there to study. Claire sees herself no longer as a girl, but an animal, caged and tested upon endlessly. No cure truly seems in sight, and she has started to get SICKER.

Her world soon becomes a fractured mix of reality and terrifying fever dreams.

As Claire’s lines of communication are cut off one by one starting with the disappearance of her cell phone and slashing of her Ethernet cables. Claire suspects SOMEONE is in the house despite the quarantine. She can only hope and wait for her Doctor to arrive.

When she witnesses the brutal and elaborate murder of her Doctor at the hands of a gas masked, black gloved KILLER outside her home her world is sent into a faster downward spiral of terror, alienation, and paranoia as her fears are rendered true, But why? Why kill a dying girl?

Is the Killer real, a part of Claire’s fevered decaying psyche, or her imminent death personified?

As Claire’s fevered world begins to turn on her, AIDING the Killer in a bizarre and twisted series of torments, she is forced to survive the increasing onslaught long enough on borrowed time to find the truth behind the Killer’s mask, and perhaps even her sickness itself.


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