Mad Max Fury Road First Photos *Spoilers*

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First off the photo is both spoiler-ish and awesome so if you do not want to know a single thing about the upcoming Mad Max movie please do not click on this article.

From our pals at QuietEarth we have your first look at the Mutants that will appear in the upcoming film. “Mad Max: Fury Road”–the fourth in the franchise’s history–stars Tom Hardy (“The Dark Knight Rises”) in the title role of Max Rockatansky, alongside Oscar(R) winner Charlize Theron (“Monster”, “Prometheus”) as Imperator Furiosa.

According to Miller, “Mad Max is caught up with a group of people fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by the Imperator Furiosa. This movie is an account of the Road War which follows. It is based on the Word Burgers of the History Men and eyewitness accounts of those who survived

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