Some Guy Who Kills People Review

Stacy Buchanan

You wouldn’t think that a movie with a title like Some Guy Who Kills People would be capable of anything beyond a campy dark comedy with bits and pieces of a good b-rated horror flick, but this film delivers beyond its stereotype with a whole slew of well developed characters and built-in drama surrounding some heavy handed struggles.

Ken is a comic book artist recently released from a mental institution and living with his bitter and complacent mother. He works at an ice cream shop with his best friend, where he aims to please the locals by serving up an extra helping, and is most content when in his routine and assimilating with society. But when the bodies of the jocks who harassed him in high school start showing up in the small community, and the local sheriff links Ken’s past to the murders, he must deal with the repercussions in addition to nurturing an awkward budding romance and a relationship with his estranged 12 year old daughter.

Kevin Corrigan is cast well as the apathetic and brooding leading man, who even in his meekest hours is still loveable. His attempt at forging a lasting relationship with his charming love interest, Stephanie [Lucy Davis, Shaun of the Dead], while trying to be a good father to his whip smart daughter Amy [Arial Gade, AVPR: Alien vs. Predator] and deal with his oppressive mother [Karen Black, House of 1000 Corpses], are just as sincere as his desires to repress, as well as act out, his darkest urges to seek revenge on the local jocks that tortured him years prior.

As for humor, it should come as no surprise that the scene stealer is Barry Bostwick as the idiot local sheriff with a hidden quick wit and comedic commentary that prove he’s really paying attention. And in the lows of the film’s pace, his one liners carry you through.

Horror fans may scoff at the lack of gore, but rejoice in the use of special effects from a time past. In fact, I’m pretty sure there was only one scene where I smelled the fowl play of CGI. What’s funny is that you don’t go into the film expecting to see any of it at all, but realize you would have enjoyed it if you did. Rest assured that where the film lacks in blood and guts, it makes up for with gut-wrenching laughs.

All-in-all, director Jack Perez [Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus], and writer Ryan Levin deliver a funny and witty film that spans multiple genres and appeals to a diverse audience. Some Guy Who Kills People is a great watch from beginning – to the end, which is not the only thing that will surprise you.

3.5 / 5 stars     


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