Walking Dead Season 2 Deleted Scene

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From SmokeMonster comes an alternate opening for Walking Dead Season 2 which AMC has apparently released. The Walking Dead Season 2 was by no means the best season since the pace was frankly horribly slow but it did have its highlights.

The alternate opening of Season 2 of The Walking Dead saw the survivors high tailing it from the CDC with gun blazing through a city overrun by the undead. Checkout the bad ass clip below and ask yourself why did they delete such a cool scene?

Walking Dead Season 3 will see the introduction of the lovely but deadly Michone and also one of the most feared villains from The  Walking Dead, The Governor.

Season 2 of the Walking Dead will be based in Woodsbury and The Prison and will feature a ‘haunted house’ and ‘mayberry’ angle as the survivors try to survive after being separated in Season 2.

Oh and did we mention that Merle is back? Excited for season 3 of the Walking Dead? Although I was not a huge fan of the season season I am very excited for the third season!

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