Carver Review


Carver is one of those films that really does a couple things right off the bat that I absolutely hate without even watching a single frame of the movie. First off they tell us we are about to watch a film that is “based off of a true story”. OK that gag is old and I think all of us horror fans are kind of sick of seeing movies claim they are based on something real. If it really truly is, well you can say it. But don’t sell the movie on the fact that it is based on a real story. Secondly they commit an even worse sin by proclaiming and I quote, “Audiences are already buzzing about THE SCENE from Carver!”. There is another quote I could bring up that is even more telling but I will get to “THE SCENE” later.

They story is pretty run of the mill. Four campers happen upon a small campsite that has some kind of shady past. Unfortunately for the audience however they never really come out and say what that past is. I guess you can make your own assumptions based on what happens next. While helping out an old bartender they ran into in town they find some old 8mm snuff films which they think are just horror movies. After watching a couple of them they come face to face with the Carvers and find themselves running for their lives.

Pretty run of the mill backwoods slasher material. Now despite it being pretty cliche there is also quite a bit about this movie that I did enjoy. All of the stuff that I dug however was all in the last 20 minutes of the movie where the bulk of what is going on takes place. The beginning is a lot of sub-par acting and attempted character development which to be honest I wasn’t interested in. We had seen these same characters before in every other slasher. The horny crazy chick, the jokester and the feuding brothers.

The strongest point as I was saying is when the killing begins. The gore and special FX in this movie were for the most part very good. If you like some crazy lookin kills and tons of blood you will probably want to just fast forward to the good stuff. However “THE SCENE” that was mentioned above is touted all over on the box art. Well the scene isn’t that outrageous. As a matter of fact it was some of the worst CGI work I have seen in sometime. Now if they would have done it with practical effects it could have a much better “cringe” inducing scene.

The one actor that I really want to give it up to is David G. Holland who portrayed the bartender in town and half of the Carver clan. He was the saving grace to the cast in my opinion and did a stellar job. I hope he gets more work in the future in indie cinema because he is well deserving.

As a straight up backwoods slasher this really is nothing special. But something about the last 20 minutes of the movie made me think that this one is worth renting for the pure carnage that unfolds. The ending is great and as long as you don’t need any kind of strong character development and just some good old fun I recommend you give this one a rental.

3 / 5 stars     


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      1. Bobbi March 22, 2018 at 1:50 am

        Actually, love movies that are”based” on true story. No matter how loose it’s based on. That’s what makes it creeeeepy – Freddy Krueger don’t scare me

      2. Kandace Crawford April 19, 2018 at 3:28 pm

        I think this is a good watch. I am the annoying person who reads the credits and in doing so have discovered hidden gems left by writers, editors, etc. I almost missed this one. Under the Character /Actor list 4th from the bottom-
        Just thought this is such fun so I had to share.