Dead Sushi Scores U.S. Distribution

Chris Savage

I for one am totally on-board for Noboru Iguchi’s Dead Sushi, it looks just like what you’d expect from Noboru, and it looks as if the film has finally found a home in the States. Read on for the details.

According to FilmBiz, Action Slate Releasing and Millennium Entertainment have acquired the North American rights to Noburu Iguchi’s Dead Sushi.

At this time we have no word as to when you’ll be able to see this one, but hopefully those details will be revealed soon.

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Synopsis“Keiko is the daughter of a legendary sushi chef. Hoping to follow in his footsteps, she enters into training under her father’s guidance. The kung fu-like regime is rigid, pushing her to her mental and physical limits. Unable to take it, she runs away.

Finding work at a rural hot spring inn, Keiko is dismayed to find that her co-workers are an eccentric lot who have it in for the new girl. Complicating matters is the arrival of a group of employees from Komatsu Pharmaceutical there to sample the inn’s famous specialty sushi. Following them in pursuit of revenge is a medical researcher betrayed by the Komatsu president. The disgruntled man injects the hotel sushi with a drug that not only brings the sushi pieces to life but also turns them into ferocious bloodthirsty killers.

Right away the reanimated sushi begins to kill off the hotel guests. Fatty tuna chews into human tongues; flesh hungry salmon roe leaps about with gnashing fangs; and the sashimi pieces laid across the bodies of beautiful women devour them before the eyes of the stunned guests.

Panic ensues as the sushi multiplies, infecting humans and turning them into zombie-like creatures. Fighting back, Keiko turns her kung fu on the sushi. But will it be enough to fend off the unremitting terror of the killer sushi?”

For more information when it becomes available, hit up their official website.


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