First Word for Ryan Shovey’s Slasher Flick ‘Hunter’

Chris Savage

In among the sudden craze for zombies and vampires, the humble slasher film has somewhat taken a backseat. Sure there are a few around here and there, but I want more dammit! In any event, Ryan Shovey must have heard my call, as he is about to unleash an intriguing slasher film of his own entitled Hunter. Want to know more?

The film Courtney Lacombe, Blain Sanchez and Liam Day, but sadly a trailer isn’t available at this time, but as soon as it is, you’ll be the first to know.

Synopsis: “After being accused of killing four girls, small town hero and accused convict, Hunter Westbrook, killed himself in jail. Now, seventeen years later, he’s back in town, but it’s not him. Someone, wearing a mask of Hunter’s face, is going around killing the students and staff from the university. The police try their best to figure out who is killing everyone, but it falls onto Jason, Quinn, Garret, Bea, and Chad to figure out who is killing their friends, before they get killed themselves…”

For more information, hit up their official website and Facebook page.

While we do wait for a trailer however, Ryan Shovey has chimed in to explain his upcoming feature in the video below, go check it out.

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      1. Rafizan Randzan September 24, 2012 at 2:38 am

        Hi, that face/mask gives me the heebie geebies! A very good sign for a great horror movie.

        God bless, Rafizan.