Pervert Review


A couple years ago I caught a screening of a film directed by a man I was not familiar with. Some guy named Russ Meyer. Well let me tell you that movie gave me a whole new outlook on film in general. The name of that film? Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens with Kitten Natividad who also in attendance at the screening. I had no idea that a film like this actually existed. The best way to describe it to someone who has never seen his films is to say imagine a porno with VERY well endowed women that is actually funny. There is actually a story in his films and some very off the wall and insane comedy. All of the comedy is usually sexually related. So when I heard Jonathan Yudis was going to pick up the camera in honor of Russ Meyer I knew I had to pay attention. No one has been able to catch that same vibe and to be completely honest I don’t think many have even tried.

I think that is the biggest shame. A man that made so many fantastic films to die with his genre. So I am very grateful that Yudis decided to pick up Meyers legacy and try his hand at the off beat humor that Meyers always brought to the table. Pervert! is the tale of a young man who has come back to his fathers farm to help with all of the chores over the summer. To become a “man” as he put it. Well upon arrival awaiting him was the very horny and extremely well endowed Mary Carey playing Cheryl. Of course if your doing an homage to Meyer you have to have a couple well endowed women. You just can’t do it without that. Carey definetly fits the role well and shows plenty of skin. Always a plus when you have a pornstar in your film. Things on the farm however begin to turn gruesome when one after another of his fathers “girlfriends” wind up dead. Is his father murdering these women? or is it something much more insane?

Now I’ll be the first to point out that this is definetly not in the same league as a Russ Meyer film. Nothing probably ever wil be but I will say this is probably the closest we will ever get to seeing a film like it. Tons of blood, boobs and over the top comedy make for a great movie to throw in the DVD player when you have some friends over with some beers. This is definetly a college dorm type movie. You pull out the keg, order up a pizza and kick back and get ready for some of the craziest shit you have ever seen on a well distributed DVD.

On the downside of this film however is that some of the jokes do fall flat which is this films biggest fault. However some of the stuff will definetly get you in stitches. Some of the funniest scenes involve the director playing a mechanic. He is kind of a redneck wannabe gangster. Yea it doesn’t make sense but it makes for some hillarious moments. Now Mary Carey’s acting could probably ruin this movie for people unfamiliar with Russ Meyer. The acting ability in these movies should never factor in. They are all about the skin and Carey definetly delivers on that. I have to congratulate Yudis on casting her despite the acting ability.

The DVD itself is packed with some great goodies including a prolonged sex scene between Mary Cary and Juliette Clarke. Nice scene… nuff said. There is also a very cool kind making-of featurette that really delves into what they set out to do from the very begining and chronicles the path of the film all the way up through a couple of screenings that were held for the film. Also included are a couple of commentaries, deleted scenes, a blooper reel, music video and three different trailers for the flick.

Overall if you are a fan of Russ Meyer and his classic sexploitation comedies you will definetly want to check this one out. For everyone else be warned this flick has tons of nudity and some crazy ass effects that will, for the most part, have you laughing your ass off. So be prepared to aroused, disgusted and confused all at the same time with Jonathan Yudis’ Pervert!

4 / 5 stars     


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